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H5 Game Front-end Programmer

Employment typeFull-timeSalary10K - 15K RMB per month Location China(中国)Shenzhen

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Job description


1, HTML5 and App games are developed based on Layabox engine, and the front-end display of the developed application is completed, and the front end code of each business module is developed. 2, the H5 page is responsible for the interaction effect realization, the H5 game modification and development involved in the mobile end product project. 3. Discuss the development requirements and technical implementation details with the planning, art and product personnel. Job requirements: 1, more than two years of work experience, with more than one year of game development experience; 2, familiar with layabox, engine for HTML5 and App game development; 3, familiar with the JavaScript/TypeScript language, good OOP programming ideas; 4 There is a good habit of writing code, which requires clear structure, standard naming and strong logic. 5, have good communication and cooperation skills, strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.


Mandarin, layabox, javascript, typescript, nodejs,html5

Required Languages



Mid-Senior level

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