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Employment typeFull-timeSalary10K - 15K RMB per month Location China(中国)Shenzhen

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SHENZHEN AND NEARBY CITIES ONLY! Job brief: Analyze and forecast various financial indicators of the company and provide manager with financial advice and decision-making support. Job description: 1. Analyze the company's financial status, research the company's information in the industry, conduct financial analysis and financial policy follow-up of the financing strategy; 2. Predict the company's financial returns and risks and establish the company's financial management policies and systems; 3. Analyze and evaluate the performance of each project and department; provide financial advice and decision-making support; 4. Forecast and monitor the company's cash flow and the use of funds; 5. Participate in the financial calculation, cost analysis, sensitivity analysis of investment and financing projects, and develop investment and financing programs accordingly; 6. Write financial analysis report, investment financial research report, feasibility study report; Coordinate with other work in the company and department. The salary and benefits to be negotiated


Education Background: ◆ Master degree or above major in finance or financial related ones. Training Experience: ◆ Proven training in project management, management science, financial market analysis, financial analysis, product knowledge and relative aspects. Experience: ◆ 2 years experience in financial management of large-scale enterprises, intermediate accountant. Skills: ◆ Good at financial analysis and have rich experience in capital operation; ◆ Have good knowledge of fund management and raise theory and also practical experience; ◆ Proficient in all aspects of financial management, and familiar with enterprise financial management of each form of organization; ◆ Familiar with advanced and standard enterprise financial management system and related systems; ◆ Familiar with investment bank business such as mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and financial consultant; ◆ Proficient in use of office software and financial software. Attitude: ◆ Excellent, responsible, pioneering and good at teamwork; ◆ Excellent writing skills, communication skills, fast learning and accurate understanding.

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