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Video content Security Operations specialist

Employment typeFull-timeSalary10K - 15K RMB per month Location China(中国)Beijing

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Job description


Job description: 1 . Be responsible for the content safety of short video products and ensure the legal compliance of the whole platform content 2. Responsible for the development and maintenance of short video community content security standards, and the implementation of related standards 3. Participate in the improvement and policy optimization of content management system 4. Docking with the competent department, responding to the violation and updating the standard in a timely manner Salary: 8-15K Location: Beijing


  Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree or above, short video product user 2. Language proficiency requirements: Thai, Vietnamese, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, English, Indonesian, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Malay,Korean 3. Concerned about current affairs and highly sensitive to social news 4. Familiar with the laws and regulations of the Internet and the scale of supervision 5. Good verbal and verbal skills, strong executive and learning skills, strong sense of responsibility 6. Living experience in target market is preferred

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