Overseas Business Dev. Manager

Employment typeFull-timeSalaryNego RMB per month LocationShenzhen

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Job description


1. Work collaboratively with colleagues in the department to efficiently and competently complete the daily service work of the responsible customers; 2. Maintain important customer network resources provided by the company, keep interaction with the industry, and expand cooperation between the company and other company; 3. Assist the company leaders to receive and visit important clients, accompanied by business, responsible for the implementation of the company's public relations activities; 4. Other work arranged by the superior leaders.


1. Proficient in business etiquette, marketing, public relations and other related professional, business activities etiquette knowledge, daily reception and other related knowledge; 2. Good literacy, good conversation, good publicity, strong public relations, meticulous work, excellent outreach and public relations, ability to solve emergencies, and familiarity with business reception; 3. Strong sense of teamwork, excellent learning ability and efficient communication skills 4. Good in English & Mandarin

Required Languages



Sales/ Biz Development / Account Management


Entry level

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