Investment Manager

Employment typeFull-timeSalaryNego RMB per month LocationShenzhen

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Job description


1. Proficient in business etiquette, marketing, public relations and other related professional, business activities etiquette knowledge, daily reception and other related knowledge; 2. Good literacy, good conversation, good publicity, strong public relations, meticulous work, excellent outreach and public relations, ability to solve emergencies, and familiarity with business reception; 3. Strong sense of teamwork, excellent learning ability and efficient communication skills Required Languages:English & Mandarin


1. Analyze the industry opportunities that meet the company's strategic development and investment prospects, develop the source of projects and screen investment opportunities; 2. Undertake the preliminary investigation, project negotiation, due diligence and other work related to the project; 3. Organize risk control for formal project, propose asset pricing proposal, participate in investment negotiation and draft the relevant contracts; 4. Responsible for managing the investment projects and the overall risk control; 5. Responsible for internal and external communication and coordination;

Required Languages



Business Analysis / Consultancy



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