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Senior Landscape Architect (Designer)

Employment typeFull-timeSalaryMore than 30K RMB per month Location China(中国)Nanjing

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Senior Landscape Architect (Designer) Needed in Nanjing Anyone from any country is welcome, expatriates Chinese also welcome, we just want someone with much experience in landscape design and architecture, if you’re not in Nanjing now, we can provide some settling-in allowance. About us: GSE Landscape is a design consulting company specialized on landscape design and ecological management. The company aims to explore the harmony between humanistic landscape and ecological nature. After more than ten years of professional development, GSE Landscape has been in the forefront of the industry. The company is a member of the expert committee of the Expert Committee of Jiangsu Wetland Protection, a member of the China Wetland Association, and a key implementation company of the Beautiful Village Project in Jiangsu Province. Our goal is to create a benign ecological cycle of landscape, and to realize the artistic, humane, ecological integration, so as to shape the unique site spirit of each project, to avoid simple imitation of style while ignoring humanistic care and ecological conservation of the environment. The company is located in Fengsheng Office building of Nanjing Software Valley in Nanjing city, with modern office environment. The company has a complete security system: five-day workweek, paid annual leave system, once every two months for domestic visits, annual professional study tour abroad, complete insurance system and training system. Office Location: very close to the crossing of Software Avenue and Andemen Avenue, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing. Responsibilities: 1. Fully responsible for the following work of project team: management of the project team, landscape conception, scheme design, importing the final result of the project solution into the CAD drawing in the initial stage of the expansion of the design stage, and making clear the effect of the landscape elements control suggestions to facilitate the construction of parks and green designers to deepen the design of drawings to ensure that the solution is fully implemented 2. Responsible for the preliminary cost control of the project's design results, so that the construction cost is controlled from the beginning to the cost index interval specified by Party A. 3. Understand comprehensively the leadership arrangement of the company and the superior, prepare the target and work plan of the professional team, and bear direct responsibility for the result and process of each design stage. 4. Responsible for organizing the brainstorming sessions and daily work meetings of the team, according to the company's rules and requirements, cooperate with superior leaders to complete the results of major design stages of the project. 5. Fully understand the culture of the company, enhance the cohesiveness and efficiency of the group, and enable employees to serve the company for a long time. Any nationality is welcome Salary and benefit related: 1/ Salary negotiable, open to discuss for strong candidates 2/ Work permit and z visa provided 3/ If you’re not in Nanjing now, we can provide some settling-in allowance. Best regards HR


Requirements of professional skills: 1. Be able to propose creative landscape design concept and design orientation for this project, and to ensure that the design intention is implemented during the program deepening and early stage. 2. Be able to design the general drawing independently and instruct the designer to carry out some general drawing design. 3. Be able to independently carry out the detailed control design of scenic spots. 4. Be familiar with relevant regulations in landscape design and office software such as SU/PHOTO/CAD/office. Be able to control the design text, and have a high ability of hand-drawing rendering. 5. Strong language expression and communication skills, able to complete the main design stage and report to customers. 6. Can host more than one project in landscape design at the same time. Other requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in landscape, environmental art, planning, etc. 2. More than 6-8 years working experience in a famous landscape design company. More than 3-5 years working experience of project leader (Have a municipal, tourism planning and design success stories preferred) 3.Familiar with and presided over various styles of landscape design projects, and can better control the design effect. 4. Honesty, integrity, diligence, passion and responsibility are required, and be able to work under pressure and challenge high goals. 5. English native speaker candidates preferred。

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