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ID Designer/ Industrial /3D Designer /Product Designer

Employment typeFull-timeSalary10K - 15K RMB per month Location China(中国)Shenzhen

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Job description


Job requirements: 1.Graduated from industrial design, more than two years of ID product design experience; 2. Independently complete the design program and detail design work; 3. Participate in design research work, cooperate with R&D team to grasp design direction and design style; 4, Skilled use of design software, with system design and analysis capabilities; 5. The design concept is active and inspiring. The aesthetic concept of the wearable product meets the requirements of popularity, industry, internationality, and the sense of the times. It can absorb the new popular elements with keen insight, and it can be used for modeling, coloring, craftsmanship, and surface treatment. Have full awareness and ability to grasp; 6.Have strong independent proposal ability, project understanding ability and customer communication ability; 7.Strong sense of innovation, good communication skills and collaborative spirit, good at thinking and solving problems independently;


Job Responsibilities: If no experience is ok.New graduated is ok to us! If can speak Chinese/Mandarin is better for us! 1. According to customers and requirements, carry out design and production of new products 2. Work with the company's existing product appearance modification upgrade 3. Work with the company's product prints, promotional materials production 4.Work with the structural design (MD), in the process of structural design to provide reference opinions and participate in optimizing the structure of the implementation; 5. Work for the customer's questions, modify and provide customers with a reference program 6. Need to know hand-painted

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