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English teacher

Employment typeContractSalary20K - 25K RMB per month Location China(中国)QingdaoShangdong

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Job description


Job Responsibilities: 1. Teaching junior high school English in the UK to train children and students of 7-16 years old in speaking and writing skills; 2. Guarantee the quality of the lectures and observe the students' class situation, summarize the students' learning situation, and track the children's learning effects; 3. Strictly prepare the lesson plans according to the curriculum, fully prepare lessons to complete the teaching tasks 4. Organize public class demonstrations, rehearsal of various events; 5. Obey the work arrangements of the school and department; 6. Love education, love English, love children, have a certain talent to be preferred.


job requirements: 1. English-speaking foreign teachers (UK, USA, Canada or Australia, etc.), pronunciation standard; 2. More than one year of English teaching or oral English training is preferred; 3. Ability to conduct simple Chinese communication; 4. Hold the "Foreigner Employment Permit" (ie holding a Z visa) and the residence permit for foreigners; 5. Humorous and able to interact with students in class.

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