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AP Phyics Teacher

Employment typeFull-timeSalary25K - 30K RMB per month Location China(中国)Chengdu

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This Chengdu-based school is a full-board, high-quality private foreign language specialist institution, officially approved by the Chengdu Municipal Education Bureau. It is a international school with an independent campus. Students are encouraged to simulate an international way of life within the school, with language, interpersonal communication, thinking methods, and living habits. Since 2005, over 400 school graduates have went on to universities across the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia, including Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, NYU, University of Toronto, and University of Sydney. The school has partnerships with higher education institutions in over 20 countries. Responsibilities: ➢Teach the school’s AP Physics subject curriculum to Middle & High School students (Grade 7 to 12); ➢Develop and implement effective lesson plans and instructional materials, allowing students to utilize and practice higher-level thinking skills; ➢Observe and evaluate student performance; ➢Develop appropriate feedback on work; ➢Continually assess student progress, and implement effective lessons to meet student learning needs as determined by the assessment data; ➢Provide opportunities for students to self-reflect and track their progress toward each learning goal; ➢Provide a safe, positive and effective learning environment; ➢Manage student behavior by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures, in accordance with school policies; ➢Demonstrate compassion and empathy towards students; ➢Foster and appreciation and passion for science. Working Schedule: ➢5 working days per week, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm; ➢40 hours in school per week, no more than 20 classes per week. Benefits: ➢Working visa support ➢Medical & accident insurance ➢Flight allowance on contract completion (7000 RMB) ➢Housing allowance ➢Paid holiday time ➢Paid public holidays ➢Promotion opportunities ➢Airport pick-up and free hotel on provided upon arrival


➢Bachelor degree or above ➢Experience teaching an AP Science subject ➢English speaker (preferably American due to curriculum) ➢TEFL or TESOL certification ➢AP certification

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Mid-Senior level

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