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SEM Specialist

Employment typeFull-timeSalary15K - 20K RMB per month Location China(中国)Guangzhou

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Job description


1. Responsible for Google overseas promotion bidding and data analysis, adjusted bidding promotion according to the analysis results, responsible for ROI of Google advertising channels, mainly in Europe and America; 2. Monitored the actual advertising effect, carried out real-time optimization, and proposed and implemented corresponding solutions; 3. Exploring product selling points and determining promotion strategies for products; 4. Independently analyzed advertising data, summarized advertising problems and drew up solutions; 5. Collect, summarize and analyze market information in product marketing process, and provide constructive Suggestions; 6. The amount of advertisement released per month is more than 150,000 us dollars.


1. At least 2 years of advertising operation experience in Adwords search engine, skilled in using various advertising forms of Google; 2. Understand the principle and strategy of search engine optimization and be able to skillfully combine various advertising forms; 3. Proficient in Adwords and GA backstage, familiar with various regular data reports; 4. Logical thinking ability, sensitive to data, good at multi-dimensional data analysis; 5. Experience in e-commerce and online marketing; 6. strong reading and writing skills are required, but no spoken English is required 7. It is better to be familiar with Bing, FB and other promotion platforms. 8. The base salary without responsibility is 15k~25k, which will be converted into the gross profit commission according to the ROI, with no ceiling, waiting for you to challenge.

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Mid-Senior level

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