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Executive secretary

Employment typeFull-timeSalary15K - 20K RMB per month Location China(中国)Shanghai

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Job description


1. Responsible for doing the daily work assigned by General Manager 2. Responsible for handling General Manager’s foreign affairs,accompanying translation work 3. Responsible for the processing of correspondence documents 4. Responsible for the General Manager presided over or participated in all kinds of meetings, preparing for the material or speeches, and making the meeting record, and completing the supervision according to the requirements of the meeting 5. Keep confidential of General Manager's affairs and schedule. 6. Deal with the temporary work assigned by General Manager Salary and benefits package 1. Salary: 20,000RMB per month before tax 2. Working Visa provided for eligible applicants 3. Payment for overtime work if required 4.Accident Insurance 5.Paid National Holidays


1. Foreigners (Prefer the nationality is British and American) 2. Holding international driver's license is preferred. 3.Good image and characteristic, has experience in teaching and secretary to the General Manager experience preferred 4.Be strong at drafting and writing all kinds of documents 5.Has the strong organization, coordination and communication ability, and excellent interpersonal and social activity ability, good at dealing with interpersonal relationships. 6.Skilled of using various office software and office automation equipment

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