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Assistant to CEO

Employment typeFull-timeSalary15K - 20K RMB per month Location China(中国)Shenzhen

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Job description


1. Assisted the chairman of the board in arranging all important work of the group, timely transferred the assigned tasks issued by the chairman to all departments, and timely reported to the chairman; 2. Drafted and followed up the activity schedule of the chairman; 3. Assisted the chairman in the organization of relevant meetings and the drafting of documents, minutes, minutes and other meeting affairs of the working meetings; 4. Followed the chairman to attend various business reception activities, negotiations, meetings, etc., and took charge of meeting minutes, minutes arrangement and translation; 5. Responsible for arranging and handling business reception and negotiation; 6. Complete other tasks assigned by the chairman.


1. English as the mother tongue and Chinese as the second language; 2. Bachelor degree (full-time) or above, major in secretarial, economics or management; More than three years of secretarial work experience is preferred, senior executives of large and medium-sized enterprises secretarial work experience is preferred; 3. Strong writing ability, proficient in official document writing; 4. Strong coordination and communication skills, with a sense of confidentiality; 5. Height above 160cm, good image, good temperament, familiar with international business etiquette. 6. Can accept business trips and have a certain ability to work under pressure.

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Mid-Senior level

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