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Project Assistant

Employment typeFull-timeSalaryNego RMB per month Location China(中国)Shanghai

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Job description


1. Follow the team leaders and complete the project concept according to the project requirements 跟随专案负责人依照客户需求完成方案 2. Prepare the furniture layout and presentation 准备家具配置图及提案报告 3. Attend the report meetings with project manager 与专案负责人出席客户方的提案會議 4. On-site inspection during the period of the project, assist in furniture delivery and set up the placement 在专案进行期间的现场勘查、协助专案出货及陈列摆场 5. Accomplish other tasks assigned by supervisors 上级交办的其他工作任务。


1. Bachelor degree or experiences related in the interior or architectural design; Can speak Chinese is plus 相关室内或建筑设计专业本科; 会说汉语佳 2. At least one years working experience in interior design or decorations related field 1年以上室内设计或美学相关工作经验 3. Have excellent communication skill, professionalism, teamwork spirit, and creative enthusiasm 具有良好的沟通能力,敬业精神,团队合作精神及创作热情; 4. Be familiar with the software such as AutoCAD、Photoshop、 PowerPoint、 etc. 熟练使用AutoCAD制图、Photoshop、 PowerPoint等软件 5. Has a strong understanding of trend and style in the 对室内,时尚,装饰的潮流和风格有深刻的理解 *Salary is negotiable Skills: AUTOCAD, Photoshop, Office Administration, powerpoint Language: Mandarin / English

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Mid-Senior level

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