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English Translation

Employment typeFull-timeSalaryUnder 10K RMB per month Location China(中国)Beijing

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Job description


1. Assisted in maintaining immigration projects and important customers of the company, completed external liaison of immigration projects, coordinated and implemented internally, and attended major business activities; ' 2. Assisted colleagues of the department in completing basic data collection and analysis of immigration projects and program docking; 3. Maintained good communication and business communication between various departments; 4. Assisted the CEO in daily work, timely conveyed the instructions and arrangements of the CEO, followed up, checked and implemented the proposed matters according to the requirements of the CEO; 5. Complete other tasks assigned by the CEO;


1. Bachelor degree or above in science, engineering or management; Native English speaker ; Working language is English, speaking Greek is a plus; 2. Strong learning and application ability, able to adapt to new living conditions as soon as possible; 3. Strong sense of service, able to provide intimate services for high-end customers; 4. Proficient in the use of Office software and other necessary business tools; 5. Strong communication and negotiation skills, able to communicate and coordinate across departments;

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Mid-Senior level

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