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Marketing & facebook operator

Employment typeFull-timeSalaryUnder 10K RMB per month Location China(中国)Ningbo

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Job description


1. Actively develop new customers 2. Maintained the network platform, used various Internet platforms to release product information, and actively searched for customer information; 3. Actively maintain good communication with potential customers, understand and explore customer needs and purchase wishes, introduce the advantages and features of our products, and provide professional consulting and quality services to potential customers; 4. Put customer experience in the first place and optimize the service; 5. Collected information, sorted out market feedback information, updated and enriched promotional materials every month, promoted product information, improved the company's brand and popularity, and increased stickiness with potential customers; 6. Integrated and analyzed various information and data indicators, and proposed the submission report and the rectification plan.


1.Native English speaker 2.International student better

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