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Employment typeFull-timeSalaryUnder 10K RMB per month Location China(中国)Guangzhou

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Job description


1. Coordinated and arranged the President's work plan and schedule; 2. Wrote President Office official letters, press releases and reports as required, and completed the drafting and modification of designated documents; 3. Assisted the President in public relations negotiation of foreign business and reception of all kinds of important customers, shaped the external image of the company and enhanced the popularity of the company; 4. Responsible for the preparation, notification, recording, sorting out the minutes of the meeting presided over by the President, and supervising and implementing the resolutions formed at the meeting; 5. Supervise and inspect the implementation of the President's meeting resolutions or key task instructions;


1. College degree or above in economics, journalism, communication, advertising, public relations or other majors, or have received relevant professional training; 2. Age 25-35 years old, good image, temperament, affinity, strong comprehensive coordination and public relations ability; 3. Strong listening and speaking ability in Chinese, with strong organization; 4, like sports, like basketball or football is preferred; 5. Solid writing skills, strong document writing ability; 6, foreign background, Chinese listening, reading and writing ability, sports enthusiasts are preferred.

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Mid-Senior level

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