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Security Director

Employment typeFull-timeSalaryMore than 30K RMB per month Location China(中国)Guangzhou

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Job description


1.严格执行国家安方针、政策、各种规章制度及各项标准,代表企业对公司安全行使监督检查职能,具体指导安全员工作。 Strictly implementing the national security policy, all kinds of rules, regulations and standards, supervising and inspecting the safety of the company on behalf of the enterprise, and guiding the work of safety directors in detail. 2.保证老板的出行安全及人生安全。 Ensuring the travel safety and life safety of the boss. 3.发现并关注工作场所的各类安全隐患,并提出合理化解决方案。 Identifying and paying attention to all kinds of potential safety hazards in the workplace, and proposing reasonable solutions. 4.熟悉安全技术操作规程和掌握安全防护标准,负责起草安全制度,安全责任书,安全检查制度和安全教育制度并督促项目贯彻实施。 Be familiar with the safety technical operation procedures and safety protection standards, responsible for drafting safety system, safety responsibility statement, safety inspection system and safety education system and supervising the implementation of the project. 5. 组织项目安全领导小组开展月(周)例行安全检查,督促做好安全检查记录,督促整改并实施安全惩奖。 Organizing the project safety leading group to carry out monthly (weekly) safety inspection, supervising and urging the record of safety inspection and the rectification, and implementing the safety punishment and award. 6.督促安全员每天进行项目安全巡查,制止违章指挥和违章作业,遇有严重险情的有权通知暂停工作,并立即报告上级领导妥善处理,做好安全日记。 Supervising and urging safety directors to carry out project safety inspection every day, prohibiting the illegal command and illegal operation, having the right to notify the suspension of work in case of any serious danger, reporting to supervisior for proper handling immediately, and keeping the safety journal. 7.督促分包单位建立健全安全生产管理制度,包括安全责任制,安全检查制,安全教育制并定期或不定期的进行检查。 Supervising and urging subcontractors to establish a safety production management system, including safety responsibility system, safety inspection system and safety education system, and conduct regular or irregular inspection. 8.协助有关部门做好人员的三级安全教育及三类人员的安全资格取证、复审工作、监督检查特殊作业人员持有效操作证上岗。 Assisting the relevant departments to make the level 3 safety education and safety qualification certification collection and review, supervising and inspecting the special operators possess the valid operating certificate. 9. 参加项目重大伤亡事故的调查和处理,提出自己的意见和看法,并监督实施整改措施的落实。 Participating in the investigation and treatment of major casualties of the project, puting forward own opinions and perspectives, and supervising and implementing the rectification measures. 10.建立和健全职工伤亡事故登记档案和安全奖惩台帐,审核并按时上报项目各类安全统计报表及各类汇报资料,按上级有关要求收集,管理各项安全管理资料。 Establishing and completing the employee casualty accident registration file and safety rewards and punishments account, auditing and reporting all kinds of safety statistical reports and all kinds of reporting materials on time, collecting and managing all kinds of safety management materials according to supervisor’s requests. 11.完成领导交办的其他工作。 Completing other tasks which assigned by supervisor.


1.Foreign nationality 2.Army or police background

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