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Social platform influencer/KOL

Employment typePart-timeSalaryUnder 10K RMB per month Location China(中国)ShenzhenOthers

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Job description


1. Short video ,¥500-800/per. 2. Long video (about 5-10minutes) including products introduction and outfit shows, ¥1000-1500/per. 3. A 20-40min special video about jewelry knowledge is ¥4000-8000/per. 4. Photo with our products or article about our products ¥150-500/per. All price is depending on the quality and the quantity of the consequence. We'll give the priority for the person who can establish long-term collaboration with us. 1.拍摄创意短视频,500~800元/个不等; 2.做YT长视频5~10min或者以上的(珠宝review,穿搭展示),1000~1500元/个; 3.珠宝专题视频,长度在20min-40min,给4000~8000元/个; 4.ins/blog为我们提供照片素材150~500元/张照片,根据照片质量决定;报酬可以根据项目完成的数量进行叠加,有长期合作意愿者优先考虑。


1. Recruiting people: international students or overseas students can be employed; 2. Can speak Chinese, can communicate daily; 3. Know and use more active people on the SNS social platform.

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Mid-Senior level

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