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Foreign Sales Representative

Employment typeFull-timeSalary10K - 15K RMB per month Location China(中国)Tianjin

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Job description


1、 负责对客户进行产品宣讲,并结合客户实际情况,协助客户进行产品选型; Responsible for product presentation to the customers, and assist them in choosing the proper product by unifing the actual situations; 2、 捕捉用户需求,提交针对性解决方案; Capturing the requirements of the customers, and submit the specific problem solutions; 3、 积极推动客户,高效促成合作; Actively promote the customers and efficiently contribute to the cooperation; 4、 负责对外市场拓展活动及参与其他外部活动。 Responsible for the external marketing development activities and other public relations activities.


1、 2年以上的行业销售经验,逻辑思维强,具备出色的语言沟通能力; Above 2 years experience of sales, strong logical thinking, excellent communication skills; 2、 45岁以下; Younger than 45 years old; 3、 良好的内外气质与个人形象; Manner and presentable; 4、 锲而不舍的顽强精神; Work with perseverance and the indomitable spirit; 5、 必要的出差; Necessary on business trips; 6、 有良好的中文口语基础。 Fluency in Mandarin.

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Mid-Senior level

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