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Foreign Trade Sales

Employment typeFull-timeSalaryUnder 10K RMB per month Location China(中国)Beijing

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Job description


1. Responsible for the research and analysis of overseas target markets, potential customers, existing customers, competitors and their products; Actively look for potential customers in overseas markets, develop overseas agents, establish and improve overseas sales channels, and strive to develop overseas markets. 2. Responsible for understanding the specific needs of customers and providing reasonable quotations. Responsible for the preliminary review of customer orders, tracking and implementing customer payments, preparing relevant export documents, taking full charge of the delivery process, and summarizing product sales data in real time. 3. Responsible for maintaining the relationship with existing customers, maintaining smooth communication with customers, timely understanding, tracking and meeting customer needs, timely dealing with after-sales problems, and improving customer satisfaction. 4. Assisted in the company's English product information, overseas advertising, exhibition, BBS and various promotional activities. Cooperate with overseas agents in their marketing activities, assist in updating the English website of the company and maintaining the English information of relevant portal websites.


1. Major in international trade, business English, good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; 2. Good market analysis and judgment ability, business development ability and business negotiation and communication ability; 3. positive and optimistic, have a strong sense of dedication and responsibility; 4. Organized and participated in various overseas exhibitions, familiar with various Internet promotion channels and BtoB operation platform; 5. Familiar with the whole operation process of foreign trade sales; 6. Overseas study background or foreigners are preferred;

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Mid-Senior level

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