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Game Translation Manager

Employment typeFull-timeSalary10K - 15K RMB per month Location China(中国)Guangzhou

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Job description


1. Managed the localization of the company's game products in foreign languages, including chinese-english translation and the management of outsourcing translation suppliers in other languages; 2. Ensure that the translation of game content is in line with local culture and customs, so as to help improve product operation and player satisfaction; 3. Responsible for the daily work allocation and recruitment, training and development of the game translation department; 4. Responsible for sorting out and establishing effective translation tools and systems; 5. Responsible for contacting with the company and the overseas office to ensure the efficient output of game translation quality; 6. Responsible for editing product terms.


1. Bachelor degree or above, cet-8 or above, or native English speaker; 2.At least 5 years relevant working experience, at least 2 years management experience; 3. Experience in cooperation with game outsourcing suppliers is preferred; 4. Good at copywriting, editing and story adaptation; 5. Strong ability of communication and understanding and teamwork; 6. Strong adaptability and can adapt to strong working pressure.

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Mid-Senior level

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