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Account (Client) Service Manager

Employment typeFull-timeSalary15K - 20K RMB per month Location China(中国)ChongqingOthers

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Account (Client) Service Manager Needed About us: Panzhihua De Han Business Management Co., LTD.. Company, is a big company in Panzhihua City, in Sichuan Province (About Panzhihua city- Panzhihua City is a big city in Sichuan Province, in South West of China, it’s about 200KM from Kunming City, and about 150KM from Lijiang City (Kungming and Lijiang are both well-known tourist cities), Panzhihua has a population of 1 million) De Han Business Management Co., LTD.. Company has about 630 employees "Deming Sunshine" shopping center is a business of De Han company, it’s located in panzhihua Political, cultural and economic center, it’s construction area is 28,418 square meters, business area is 23,000 square meters. It has 13 years history. With the efforts of all staff, Deming Sunshine Shopping center developed from a single shopping center into a diversified shopping and life center, its business covers Shopping center, cleaners and dyers, billiards city and hotels. For the development of our business, we're looking for 2 account (Client) managers, to work with us in our city, and our big shopping and life center, and develop with our company. We've found a gentleman, now we want a lady most. Job Title: Account Manager (Client Manager) Job office: Deming Sunshine Shopping Center, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province Job Responsibilities: 1. be responsible for the maintenance of customer relationship, analyze and update the high-end customers' requirements, implement customer service and visit, maintain good relationship with customers, and seek new business development chances. 2. responsible for reporting the customer's complaints and suggestions, and deal with customer complaints. 3. to assist the company to develop the marketing plan of public relations, planning. 4. according to the market operation project, provide publicity, promotion and other public relations support. 5. some customer reception work Salary and benefit Salary negotiable, accommodations provided, work permit (z visa) provided


Job Requirements: 1/ with more than 1 year service work experience in shopping center, life center, hotel, restaurant, front desk reception, etc 2/ only expatriates welcome 3/ with good Chinese language ability, can speak daily Chinese – it’s a must 4/ have strong sense of service and with good communication skills, and with affinity 5/ can work in Panzhihua city, you must now in China 6/ age between 18 and 32 years old, we've found a gentleman, now we want a lady most.

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