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English Curriculum Designer

Employment typeFull-timeSalary10K - 15K RMB per month Location China(中国)Suzhou

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Job description


Bachelor degree or above, graduate of English or English education; excellent spoken and written English; having 2-3 years or more experience in primary school English teaching, a solid business level, understanding of the teaching method of English teaching and the theory of curriculum design; love of the education industry; Priority should be given to the writing and developing experience of English teaching materials; priority is given to understanding American Primary School English teaching materials; priority is given to those who are familiar with the education technology; Able to use Microsoft office software skillfully; To be responsible, active and creative in the work, and have the ability to adapt to the work, and be able to complete the work independently and have a good team spirit. cover letter:The main purpose of English Curriculum Designer’s position is to support the online English course (kindergarten to 5th grade) design, creation, and evaluation of the curriculum development projects. Please write a cover letter to explain your interest in this position and delineate why you are the best-qualified candidate. We look forward to hearing from you! If you are interested, please send your resume (Chinese and English) and an English cover letter and mark the English course designer on the theme of the email. If your basic conditions are in accordance with our requirements, we will invite you to interview by telephone or e-mail. Look forward to the cooperation with you!


In charge of the research, compilation, development and evaluation of English online textbooks for primary schools (including kindergarten classes). 1. primary school English online textbook compilation and related management work; 2. the design and writing of the primary school English online teacher's manual; 3. the research and development of the auxiliary products of the primary school English online teaching materials; 4. American Primary School English teaching materials research; U.S. Common Core State Standards study of American Primary School English; 5. work closely with technology and art design team.

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Mid-Senior level

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