Overseas Promotion Director

Employment typeFull-timeSalaryMore than 30K RMB per month LocationShenzhen

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Job description


- Responsible for the promotion of the Company's overseas platforms and websites, formulating and promoting strategic planning, tactical decomposition and team building, etc - Responsible for the traffic volume, user quantity and input-output effect; - The mainstream advertising platform (facebook, google, etc.) rule analysis and effect analysis, summed up the tactical planning, improve the rate of return on investment, the establishment of a scientific promotion of data analysis and management system and supervise the implementation; - According to the company's platform positioning, digging and expanding traffic channels, and constantly improve traffic, sales and user volume


- Bachelor degree or above, major is not limited, more than four years experience in overseas market advertising platform or international business experience - Have strong tactical ability, have unique insights on the marketing industry and can effectively adjust the promotion strategy; - With strong logical thinking, data analysis capabilities, budget management capabilities and communication and coordination and execution, team management skills

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Marketing / Advertising / PR



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