Job in ChinaBrandy Conmigo

Customer Service - Key Acct Manager - Sales

Age50 years oldPost TypeCustomer Service / Sales AdminNationalityCome from PhilippinesLiving CityLiving in Suzhou

Language: English Mandarin Others


  • Throughout my career covering over 20 years, I have dealt with customers from all walks of life. I'm a very outspoken person, thus talking to clients is my best skill. Having graduated in the best university (the top 2%) in my home country.


  • Technical Sales and Marketing

    Camden Industries, Manila
    (4 years)

    Trained every year in Singapore on chemical specialties and cosmetics formulations under the supervision of International Specialty Products (ISP), USA.

  • Lucky Star Industries, Manila

    General Manager
    (4 years)

    Imported chemical raw materials with average monthly sales of US$400,000 dollars.

  • Marketing Director

    World Marketing Alliance (USA), Manila
    (2 years)

    Licensed underwriter of (Aegon) insurance and other financial products.

  • English Teacher

    King’s International English and Times English
    (2 years)

    Worked as part-time English teacher and private tutor. Voted best social talker.

  • Internation Key Accounts Manager

    风水家居工厂, EM Export Ltd., Ningbo
    (9 months)

    Responsible for answering inquiries by email. Processing orders, preparing invoices, loading forms, and Bank LC.

  • Marketing Manager and Key Account Manager

    福达利珠宝 – AJ Jewelry, Shenzhen
    (1 year)

    Made sure that the marketing operations ran smoothly from the receipt of orders from all over the world to the forwarding of orders to the production department.

  • English Teacher

    爱德思教育公司 (Elite Education), Shenzhen
    (1 year)

    Responsible for helping students decide which universities and what majors are best suited for them. Also taught English at Southwest University’s (重庆西南大学) Middle School International Department. Served as judge in our English-speaking competition.

  • Technical Sales and Customer Support

    江苏淘镜有限公司(Zenni Optical-USA), Suzhou
    (6 years)

    Handled about 150 calls per day from overseas clients, taught them how to choose the right product for their specific needs and walked them through on how to use our website. Also taught the customers on how to read the prescription or convert the numbers for specific type of eyeglasses (single vision, bifocals, progressives, reading, distance).


  • English (native speaker level), Filipino languages (Tagalog, Visayan Ilonggo, and Cebuano dialects), Putonghua Mandarin and Minnanhua Fujian dialect.
  • Proficient in computer hardware and Windows applications, able to fix computer hardware and software. Photography, Swimming (certified Lifesaver by Red Cross).
  • Apr. 2010 105-hour Online TEFL Course by i-to-i, UK ( Certificate #: ozjdOIU7FD Apr. 2010 Online English Grammar Awareness Course - Certificate number: tFAc7MwRwH
  • Aug. 2005 TOEFL PBT - score 663 native speaker level. This was a paper-based test held at Xiamen University. I passed the test with only 5 mistakes. Score comparison: iBT = 117 and CBT = 287


  • Xiamen University, Xiamen, China

    , Mandarin as a foreign language

    Mandarin as a foreign language

  • Miriam College, Manila, Philippines

    Bachelor's Degree, AB Business Administration

    -formerly known as Maryknoll College. -awarded by the Philippine government “Deregulated Status” (Level 111), exempting it from “Special Order Number” requirements. Source:

  • Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

    Bachelor's Degree, AB Economics

    -only those who got at least 96% in the National College Entrance Examination were accepted. Best English university in the Philippines. -only the top 2% who passed the Ateneo College Entrance Test were accepted.

  • St. John’s Institute, Philippines

    High School, High School

    - National College Entrance Examination score 99% - English Story Telling Contest, 3rd place (unanimous champion) - 1983 World Jamboree participant in Alberta, Canada - Service Awardee, Boy Scouts of the Philippines