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    Accept A Teaching Job In China

    When you discover a fantastic ESL job in China you may be tempted to hop directly on the following plane and start your new life abroad as soon as possible! But approving a teach abroad placement is a huge life change, so take time to think through your decision.

    study the institution or recruiter thoroughly to see if they are SAFEA approved, and have positive reviews online. Don't neglect to speak to existing staff if you can.

    read your employment contract thoroughly and ask the institution any inquiries you have prior to your authorization.

    say yes! Let the employer recognize in composing that you wish to accept their teaching task.

    begin the Z visa process with your company and publication flights to China.

    What's the Chinese visa process like for English instructors?

    The Chinese visa procedure might look like a task of admin, yet genuinely obtaining a work visa for China disappears challenging than for any other country. A little company and an up-to-date checklist will certainly help you via the procedure.

    All of these actions will certainly be completed after you have approved a work deal in China. SAFEA approved schools and recruiters will certainly lead prospects with the process.

    Step One: the job permit

    Prior to you can obtain a Z visa, you'll need to apply for a work license. To do this you'll need to send out the complying with papers to your institution or employer.

    copy of your ticket information/bio and signature web pages.


    medical approval letter and physical exam kind.

    recommendation letter if needed.

    non-criminal record background check.

    copy of Bachelor's degree certificate.

    duplicate of TEFL/TESOL certification.

    name affidavit if the name on your degree or TEFL does not match your ticket.

    Your college or recruiter will certainly onward these documents to Chinese officials to be authorized, and after that return them to you, in addition to your work license.

    Tip Two: the Z visa

    When you have your work permit, you'll need to fill up on the Z visa application form online, after that take the adhering to papers to your nearby Chinese embassy:


    visa application form (completed online and printed).

    one recent passport-size image.

    functioning authorization (supplied by the company in China).

    any other needed records (as suggested by your employer in China).

    Most Z visas take 3 to seven working days to be processed. As soon as you have your Z visa, you're ready ahead to China!

    Welcome to China!

    The day has lastly come ... you have actually just shown up in China! Most colleges and employers will arrange flight terminal grab for brand-new employees, along with momentary holiday accommodation while you resolve in to your new residence abroad.


    Points initially, you'll probably want to examine in with your loved ones back house to allow them understand you have actually gotten here securely. As some foreign web sites are not accessible from within China, the most trustworthy way to talk is to download China's own social media application WeChat before you show up in-country, and ask your friends and family back house to do the exact same.


    If your task in China doesn't include orientation, objective to get here a week or so before you begin educating so you have time to get over your jet lag and acclimatize to your new atmosphere.

    If your work does include orientation, this will be an excellent chance to get to know your new colleagues, discover your means around town and perhaps discover some new mentor tricks too.

    During your very first few days in China make sure you find out who at your college you can contact an emergency, where you can access health care needs to you require, and how to navigate safely on the general public transport system.

    It's time for a bit a lot more visa admin ...

    Updating your Z visa in China

    Within thirty day of your arrival you'll have to take some actions to confirm your Z visa and get a residence permit. A respectable college or recruiter will certainly lead you through the following actions

    Temporary Enrollment

    You'll require to sign up at your neighborhood police station within 24 hr of your arrival with a key, housing contract and proprietor's ID and call information. If you are remaining in a resort you will likely be signed up as part of the check-in procedure - like when you travel to most countries and they check your key.

    Health examination

    You might have already provided a physical exam form as part of your Z visa application, but you will need to have your wellness evaluated by a neighborhood medical professional that will certainly complete a Chinese medical report too. You'll require to take 630 RMB, unless your employer is paying, and a passport photo. Don't consume or drink on the day of your medical exam.

    Job Certification

    You'll require your ticket, a passport photo, your cops registration kind, clinical report and various other records from your company to get a job certification in China. Job certifications take five days to process.

    House License

    To get a long-term house permit you'll need to head to the neighborhood Public Security Bureau with your ticket, police registration type, resident authorization application, picture, job certificate, and other records from your employer.

    When you have all these papers, you're ready to live and work in China! It could sound like a great deal yet credible schools will be well versed in this process and able to assist you via each action.