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Acting Jobs in China

An actor or actress is someone who performs professionally or plays a role in the performing arts.Actors also refer to those who participate in traditional Chinese opera, drama, TV drama, film, dance, quyi, and other performances. On creation style,  divide as instinctive actor and character actor commonly two kinds.

Industry: film and television actors, drama actors, opera actors, sketch actors, singing actors, crosstalk actors, dancers, acrobats and so on

Style: natural actor, character actor

Others: extras, followers, special agents, special actors, stuntman, wuxing

Acting Jobs in Shanghai for foreigners

Shanghai - actor audition, China brand video

Brand/Kickstarter video.Location: Shanghai, China (and region) type: video open elective call brand video (Erbauliche Books) Shanghai/China tentative date: April 22-24 (might change).A character is 30-45 years old.Open gender and open race.Outgoing.This video will follow a photographer as they observe the village of houhouwan

An emergency audition for a trade show zombie actor in Shanghai, China

Zombie location: Shanghai, China type: general actor we are looking for actors to become zombies in a trade show booth with passers-by and distributing leaflets.We need a male and female zombie makeup, preferably white and easily defined. Each zombie is paid $100 (usd) and

China casting call, 2019

Casting call: German oscar-winning director

2019-09-20 [casting call] nezha postponed again and others were waiting for the box office

2019-09-19 (casting call) "nezha" topped 4.9 billion yuan, drawing investment in film and television

2019-09-16 (casting call) the film "the secret of June" investment rights

2019-09-04 release of Wolf warrior 3 has been postponed

2019-09-04 casting call "death notice darkers" is on the way

2019-08-30 cinema line movie "big red envelope" investment advantage?130 million into

2019-08-30 (casting call) how about Russian "screw"?ticket

2019-08-29 casting call "nezha's demon boy" earned 4.6 billion yuan at the box office.

2019-08-29 when will screw be released in China

2019-08-28 (casting call)

2019-08-28【casting call】 formal film investment operation process is how

Is there a more popular military movie than Wolf warrior 2?in

2019-08-28 (casting call) how about baer's "big red envelope"?worth

2019-08-27【casting call】 "school crazy devil" behind the school secretly built 100

Modeling Jobs in China 

As the first country in garment production, China's annual output is up to 20 billion pieces, and the world's 7 billion people have 3 pieces each, catching up with the rise of e-commerce. Although it is a second-tier country in the fashion circle, the demand for models reaches one million, which is unmatched.Caucasians are the most popular, with the highest pay on the platform.In addition to the high pay, the employment environment is also good, China's security is good, the cost of living is low.

A guangzhou-based model agent says there is a big demand for foreign models in China, but competition is fierce.Most of the models did not have work visas, some were overseas students studying in China, some were working on tourist visas.They have few local friends and do not interact with local residents.

In order to manage the problem of foreign models' illegal work, relevant departments are also formulating countermeasures. In the first half of 2017, the "work permit system for foreigners to come to China" was implemented, one of the important purposes of which is to provide protection for foreign workers in terms of procedures.

Voice actor job China

Voice actor and actress, duties include : recording character voices for TV shows and full-length movies; assisting the translation team in editing scripts; simple recording and editing (experience with these software is not required)