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    COVID-19 for English teachers in China

    According to recent research out of the United States, the novel coronavirus may have made its way to Wuhan, China, months before it was originally discovered. According to a Harvard Medical School study, hospital traffic in Wuhan, China, where the sickness is believed to have originated in December of last year, as well as search engine patterns relating to the virus, were evaluated using satellite photos.

    SARS-CoV-2 pandemic started in December 2019 after increased hospital traffic and symptom search data in Wuhan, according to the research.

    We can't say for sure if the increased amount is due to the new virus, but our information confirms other recent studies that demonstrate its emergence occurred before it was discovered at Huanan Seafood Market."

    Five of Wuhan's hospitals' parking lots had their largest daily traffic during September and October 2019, according to US-based researchers who studied satellite images of the lots.

    Interestingly, these results were made at the same time as an increase in searches for coronavirus symptoms including "diarrhea" and "cough" on Baidu, the Chinese search engine.

    China notified the WHO on December 31 of last year about multiple instances of atypical pneumonia in Wuhan, China's 11-million-person metropolis.

    It has infected over seven million people and killed at least 406,000 of them since then, spreading to 188 nations.

    Although the coronavirus has been traced back to the Wuhan wholesale seafood market, where wild animals were being traded illegally, concerns remain concerning its origins.

    "No direct link to the market for 14 patients, including first known case of COVID-19, allowing the potential of other places of origin and infection," according to Harvard research.

    SARS-CoV-2 needs further investigation, but this study contributes to a growing body of work on digital sources' utility as an early warning system for disease outbreaks, according to the paper.

    China was found to have hidden critical information about the epidemic and delayed more than a week before releasing the coronavirus genome, according to an AP investigation published last week.

    The most frequent symptoms of COVID-19, according to the WHO, are fever, exhaustion, and a dry cough. Aches and pains, a runny nose, a sore throat, or diarrhea are all possible side effects for certain people.

    As the global death toll from coronavirus approaches 400,000, China applauds the country's coronavirus response.

    The number of coronavirus-related fatalities has now surpassed 400,000 worldwide, according to a study issued by the Chinese government, which praised the country's response to the epidemic that began in Wuhan six months ago.

    Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has cautioned Singaporeans that they are facing a harsher world of slower demand and travel restrictions in the near future as more nations prepare to ease their lockdowns going forward beginning monday.

    As stated in a detailed report issued by the Chinese government on Sunday, China has "wasted no time" in sharing viral genome sequence information with the WHO and other nations. The government's assertion contrasts with complaints from US leaders and documents from internal WHO meetings revealed by the Associated Press last week that the government was hesitant to provide crucial information required to create testing, treatments, and a vaccine..

    Ma Xiaowe, head of China's national health commission, insisted that the government had neither delayed or concealed anything. We've instead made a significant contribution to the prevention and control of the outbreak throughout the globe by instantly disclosing viral data and necessary information.

    More than a quarter of those who die from the condition do so in the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Italy, with over 40,000 fatalities and more than 30,000 deaths, respectively. The number of those infected is now at or around 7 million.

    There has been an increase in hostility between the United States and China as a consequence of the swine flu outbreak. On Sunday, Republican senator Rick Scott said Beijing was interfering in vaccine research, "trying to sabotage us or slow us down." He claimed to have gotten his knowledge from "our intelligence community" on the Andrew Marr Show, but he didn't back up his claim with any proof.

    In the six months after the virus's initial appearance in southern China, areas throughout the globe have progressed at wildly divergent rates in their battle against it. As of Sunday, China's north-east Jilin province was reduced from high to low in terms of the virus's threat, suggesting there was no longer a high probability of an epidemic there.

    As both Turkey and Jordan eased their onerous lockdowns under economic pressure, parks and streets throughout the two nations were jam-packed. Meanwhile, the Château of Versailles in France reopened to the public on Saturday after an 82-day shutdown.

    India and Brazil were among the nations fighting to keep their caseloads under control, despite seeming to be free of major epidemics just a few weeks before. the city of Delhi is in grave danger According to Delhi's chief minister Arvind Kejriwal in a video message posted to Twitter, corona cases are on the rise. As a result, he claimed, all private and municipal government-run hospitals in Delhi would be reserved for locals alone.

    As of Sunday, India has a total of 246,628 confirmed coronavirus infections, with 6,929 reported fatalities. Only the United States, Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Spain have a lower number of reported cases.

    "Where would Delhi residents who get sick with coronavirus go if we open Delhi hospitals to patients from all over?" Kejriwal made the statement. An estimated 60% - 70% of the patients admitted to the city's hospitals are those visiting from other states for treatment.

    The virus has resurfaced in Iran and Panama, two nations that had previously seemed to be free of the disease. Following an uptick in new cases, Panama stated on Saturday that it will restore limitations on people's freedom of travel in two regions.

    The new instances in Iran, according to officials, are the consequence of broader testing. Health ministry epidemiologist Mohammad-Mehdi Gouya said that the increase in cases was due in large part to his team's work identifying persons who had little or no symptoms.

    In a Sunday broadcast speech, Singapore's prime leader, Lee Hsien Loong, said his nation must prepare for a more challenging future with increased unemployment and less global commerce and tourism. Loong predicted that countries will have less interest in one another's well-being. "In addition, they'll quarrel about how the pie is split rather than collaborate to make the pie bigger for everyone. The world will be less rich, but it will also be more unstable.

    Even though infection rates for the coronavirus have declined, Pope Francis warned Italians to be vigilant against the virus in a speech on Sunday. He also asked people to follow government regulations about social distance and the wearing of masks.

    The pope, who was giving his Sunday blessing to several hundred people in St. Peter's Square, responded to the acclaim by saying their presence, despite its severity, was proof that Italy had recovered from the epidemic.

    "Watch out. He warned them not to celebrate their win too soon.

    During the time of pandemic prevention and control of the Wuhan new coronavirus, are foreigners permitted admission or leave as usual? Is there any way the viral epidemic may impede the processing of my work permit?

    Since the new coronavirus-caused pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese government has taken a number of proactive actions.

    With one exception (the lockdown in Wuhan), all entrance and exit points are now running, but under stringent supervision – limited cross-border movements, restricted flights, and temperature inspections at all airports. Wuhan's departure and entry channels have been locked down.

    With appropriate travel papers, foreigners have no issues entering or exiting the United States. The conclusion of the Chinese New Year vacation was postponed from January 30 to February 9 because of an epidemic of a virus.

    There will be no work permit processing or resident permit issuing until February 3, 2020, according to the labor department and PSB.

    During this time, how do visitors from other countries apply for visas or residency permits?

    For the purpose of extending and issuing visas and residency permits to foreigners, China's whole exit-entry administration (EEA) will be available.

    There will also be emergency services available for when you need them right away. In order to reduce crowd hazards during this time period, EEA authorities will set up services for appointments.

    Schools with a large number of international students, such as universities, scientific research organizations, and commercial companies, may be permitted to use extra agent services or offer other essential amenities.

    What can people from other countries do to help in the prevention and control of an epidemic?

    The EEA recommends that all foreign nationals living in China take preventive precautions such as strengthening their own security, avoiding crowded public locations, and actively cooperating with their Chinese counterparts.

    At all levels, the National Immigration Authorities cooperate closely with relevant departments to give advice to foreigners, support medical departments in illness screening and diagnosis, and deal with various issues and problems experienced by foreigners while in China.