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    Can you negotiate salary in China?

    Why are there so many foreigners in China who teach English? For many, the answer is the RMB. What's the greatest approach to get the Chairman's money into your bank account?

    The facts, plain and simple.

    The first thing to keep in mind if you're going to work for a company that sells educational products is that you're working for a company that makes money by selling education. If you're from a place where English is considered the primary language, your credentials as an educator, your attitude, and your experience are all secondary to your status as a foreigner.

    The fact that you're a natural English speaker from a different country will be used as a marketing tool and excuse for high tuition costs by these firms. This may benefit you by allowing you to enter the workforce with little to no prior experience, but it also means that you are more easily replaced.

    It's all about what you've got going

    Your foreign nationality and ability to communicate in English will be your most valuable assets. With these two in place, you'll be in high demand.As a result, employers that value their reputation are willing to pay extra for qualified educators with extensive training and credentials. In the pay negotiating process, having a CELTA, a degree in education, or international teaching experience with diverse age groups is all useful.

    hone your abilities

    In the same way that everyone believes they can cook well, most teachers believe the same about their abilities to teach. Since English instructors are plentiful in most Chinese cities, your negotiating power diminishes as a result of this.

    It is possible to get around this by beginning to teach more advanced speciality topics. Higher incomes may be earned by preparing for tests like the TOEFL, SATs, or GRE, which involve more time and effort on your side. In addition, colleges and foreign programs provide a wide range of liberal arts courses, such as economics and computer programming, that pay much more than the ordinary ESL job.

    It's all about where you're located.

    For ESL teachers in China, location is critical. In a huge metropolis like Shanghai, a decent wage from a rural village will only endure for six seconds. Even if it's simpler to get a job in China's major cities, you'll need to negotiate a monthly income in the teens and above to be able to meet your living expenses and have some extra money left over.

    If working in the country seems more tempting, keep in mind that beginning pay tend to be lower in rural areas. As a result of their remote location and difficulty in recruiting, you may be able to raise their pay.

    You should know what you're worth

    Simply said, ALWAYS NEGOTIATE is my best piece of advise. As a former teacher in China, I've seen a number of talented individuals get low-paying jobs because they were hesitant to bargain. If you accept an offer as it is, then you are solely responsible for your poor wages, subpar working conditions, and nonexistent benefits.

    Be aware of your worth and perform some market study. If you're moving all the way to China, you may as well shop around for the best deal possible.

    As soon as you apply for an ESL job in China, you'll be asked for your ideal wage. In order to convince you to underbid the price they're willing, this is a dirty tactic to use. Because of this, when you hear this question, you must respond with an absurdly large figure. If they refuse to negotiate from there or won't reveal their true compensation expectations, locate a new job.

    Being prepared to walk away from an offer is the fundamental rule of bargaining in any industry. If you have the freedom to work for whatever firm you want, use that to your advantage while bargaining.

    Know the market.

    For newcomers to the field of English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction in China, well-known ESL training institutions might serve as a good starting step. Most of the time, these organizations provide excellent initial assistance and more knowledgeable visa specialists to assist you through what may be a very agonizing process.

    Although they pay the least, these firms are the worst. As it is, the pay for entry-level teaching employment is abysmal when compared to the market. Set salary restrictions for teachers are on spreadsheets that they refuse to budge from. Remember that your teaching expertise isn't as important as your foreign appearance.

    So, if you want to earn a reasonable pay teaching English as a second language in China, you should search for a mid-range or small school that is prepared to negotiate on compensation and working hours.