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    Career In China

    Due to the rapid development of internationalization and the rising economy, more and more foreign employees are appearing in China, and there are more international job opportunities in China than you might think. Foreigners with international work experience can find a range of jobs in China that are suitable for foreigners and have certain advantages. If you're planning to find a job in China and get a foothold in society, this article is definitely a treasure to be found!

    The Special Requirements For Career In China

    China visa

    While it is not required that you must know Chinese to work there, being fluent in Chinese will give you more benefits depending on the needs of different companies. Generally, jobs that require Chinese speaking skills will bring you a higher salary. By far, the highest paid jobs in the country are probably in finance, human resources, computer science, etc.

    In general, most foreigners look for a job in China with the starting point of teaching their mother tongue. There are great advantages for native English speakers, as many Chinese parents want their children to have perfect English. As a result, native English speakers are very popular in China.

    If you are planning to start your Career in China as a foreigner, one of the key points to note is the work visa you have to work in China. The visa requirements for foreigners working in China are quite specific, so we will give you some basic information. Remember to go to your local embassy or visa service center. Of course, there is a good choice of different visa types; the one that works best for you depends on how long you stay in China. In general, the best type of visa for foreigners working in China is the Z visa. Depending on your personal situation, the type of visa you need may vary. For example, if you have a very specialized major, you can apply for an R-type visa.

    Best Cities For Career In China

    Which cities are best for foreigners looking for work in China? Check out the four cities below.

    Beijing, capital of China

    As the capital of China, Beijing has undoubtedly played an active role in the country's growing economy. When it comes to working and living in China, Beijing won't let you down.


    Shanghai is the center of China's financial and commercial development. Recently, the first Disneyland in mainland China opened in Shanghai in 2016.


    With its deep cultural heritage, Guangzhou ranks among the top three in the country in terms of retail sales and total household deposits, and its human development index is now the number one in the country. At the same time, it has been hailed as a popular place for immigrants.


    As one of the first cities in China to undergo a revolution, Shenzhen has remained friendly and open to other cultures ever since, and its GDP has been outstanding.

    These four cities should be your absolute first choice when you decide to work in China as a foreigner. As the four most prosperous cities in China, and with a larger population, the job market is also more competitive. Fortunately, as a foreigner, your status may give you a shortcut to those internationally developed countries that other native-born Chinese citizens cannot reach.

    Utilization of Internet Recruitment - China Recruitment Websites


    Once you've settled in China, you may want to download the application and register for a WeChat account right away. WeChat is one of the most basic mediums for Chinese people and is the most commonly used social media communication method, and is an important job search site in China. You can even use the posts in WeChat as your "second business card." If the people you come in contact with later are people related to your work, then you need to post carefully because many people think the content of your post represents who you are.

    There is one word in Chinese - Guanxi, which means relationship. It literally means "relationship" and furthermore, refers to your connections and rank in business social circles. For many Chinese citizens, finding a job through Kansai is now a commonplace, and they are good at using the resources they have. So, if you've set up some of your own Guanxi, WeChat can be a great tool for you to get the latest information about your work. This will open the door for you to see posts about job opportunities.


    LinkedIn, a popular international employment service, now has a partnership with WeChat. You can easily link your LinkedIn and WeChat to make it easy for others to view your career profile and social media profiles. Again, once this is done, you are responsible for building a proper public persona through your posts on WeChat.

    51 Post(s)

    51Job is one of the largest local online job listing platforms in China. The application process is simple and easy, all you have to do is drop in your resume and search for jobs for free. However, it is important to note that this is not recommended for foreigners who do not speak fluent Chinese, as all content here is viewed in Chinese. Remember, there are many agencies that can be of great help in your job search, but sometimes it's not necessary to go through their referrals. Therefore, it is important to learn to identify agents in addition to direct businesses.

    Chinese resume, interview and resume skills

    Stay humble

    Traditionally, the Chinese have valued the trait of modesty. While you want to portray yourself as decent and confident in an interview or business setting, or on your resume, you need to remember not to go so far overboard that others perceive you as arrogant. This is undoubtedly the most important point when looking for a job in China.

    Good looking resume photo

    You may want to include a good personal portrait in your resume because a good appearance can make a good impression in an instant. Be sure to choose a recent photo that shows off your professional image.

    If given the chance, shake hands

    When looking for a job in China, a few small details can make a big difference. Don't forget to shake hands when you meet with the interviewer and when you leave. It shows a great deal of respect for the person with whom you offered to shake hands. When you get the chance, remember to gently extend your hand to your interviewer or potential business partner.

    Get your resume in order

    In Chinese resumes, despite the different content, the overall visual impact is also important. Keep your resume neat and organized to make a good first impression on the viewer.

    Show off as much of your work as possible.

    Rather than evaluating yourself, Chinese resume evaluators are more willing to focus on your personal achievements. Personal evaluations can be biased and they want to recognize your true strengths by what you have done before.

    Although it is possible to find a job in China as a foreigner without speaking fluent Chinese, being able to speak fluent Chinese will give you a greater advantage in your job search, help you find a decent job, help you communicate more smoothly with your colleagues and establish a harmonious working environment.