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    Do Chinese employers really suck?

    You may discover gripes about Chinese employers on every online forum devoted to the topic of working in China. To what extent, however, do they fail? In a nutshell, sure. And I'll explain why.

    The population is quite high.

    China's population is above 1.4 billion.

    This causes a constant turnover of staff in many Chinese businesses. Personnel may typically be found quickly and easily. Generally speaking, Chinese employers are terrible since they don't care about their staff. Oftentimes, the most they'll do for their staff is hand out a paycheck.

    A culture of submission exists.

    The values of obedience and filial piety are highly regarded in Chinese and other Asian societies. Leaders, parents, and bosses don't count on being able to convince their subordinates or employees. No employer in China will ever ask for your input. Typically, superiors issue orders as a means of conveying instructions. A lot of people from the West are accustomed to working on their own, so this might be a big change for them.

    Finances are crucial.

    A lot of Chinese individuals have had it difficult.

    Some individuals have gone without food in the past. So, most Chinese people would do anything for money. Consequently, a Chinese company could believe they can treat its international employees the same manner. It's possible they don't see the point in trying to inspire you on the inside.

    If the client is God, then we must serve them.

    It's no secret that students have a lot of sway in the field of education, which is where I now find myself employed. They have the ear of the schools. Since teachers who reprimand their kids may get low evaluations and hence have their contracts not extended, this presents a conflict of interest. The 'hidden curriculum,' which aims to instill traits like discipline, hard effort, and excellent conduct in pupils, would be almost difficult to implement in such a setting. The attendance was very low in the worst Chinese school where I had ever taught.

    Openly sexist and racist,

    A lot of times, appearance is more important than qualifications when it comes to hiring foreign instructors for the TEFL sector. Colleges and universities are permitted to use age, racial, and gender bias in their employment practices. If you're young and Caucasian, you won't have to worry about this. However, if you are above the age of 50, Asian, or black, and looking for a job teaching English in China, you will discover that Chinese employers are terrible.

    Basically, what good are Chinese employers?

    Even if it's clear that Chinese employers stink in a lot of ways, it wouldn't be accurate to state they're all bad.

    Many international workers find employment in China and report enjoying the unique culture of the country.

    Many Chinese employers go out of their way to show their appreciation for their foreign personnel by taking them to expensive dinners and occasional outings.

    Some foreign workers in China are even housed by their Chinese employers at no cost.

    Thus, it is crucial that you investigate thoroughly any potential employment opportunities in China before accepting any of them.

    Don't be stuck with a bad boss because you didn't ask the right questions during the interview.