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    ESL Teacher Interview

    Trying to find a new teaching job can be a full-time job by itself, so as soon as you have actually protected an interview with an excellent college, you will certainly intend to ensure you are fully prepared and also existing yourself in the most effective possible light.

    Before the job interview

    Indeed, it is a good idea to read concerning the company and figure out all you can around their colleges, teaching approaches, program material, requirements, and any other information you can. Not just does it reveal initiative and that you are genuinely thinking about the job you are talking to, however, having a mutual understanding of the firm enables you to make a much more informed decision on whether that particular school is right for you.

    Suppose you are planning on flying halfway across the world to teach somewhere for a year. In that case, you want to see it with an institution you will certainly take pleasure in being at. Write down all the questions you want to ask before the interview and also have them prepared. The job interviewer will undoubtedly expect you to have plenty to ask, so make it as long as you desire!

    Self-introduction video

    Here's your opportunity to really thrill the institution. Making a short intro video clip will undoubtedly provide the employer with a good concept regarding your English ability, teaching design, class presence, and voice command.

    A video clip introduction is in some cases requested by institutions for non-native English speaking prospects, but native speakers can additionally discover it extremely helpful, particularly if you have no teaching experience. See to it you make an appropriate script as well as rehearse before taping your video intro. Consisting of a short video of you inside the classroom, really teaching is also a terrific way to stand apart from the crowd. A significant advantage of making a video intro is you only have to make it once, and also, it can be utilized for all the jobs you make an application for.

    Tips for during the interview

    The majority of meetings with schools will certainly last from 45-- 90 minutes and also usually begin with some small talk. The interview will usually be splashed into 3 areas, starting with the interviewer asking you concerns, then informing you regarding the job, college and city, and finally answering any kind of concerns you have.

    Usually, the recruiter will be asking questions connected to your previous teaching experience (or if you don't have any type of yet, then regarding your TEFL program), your sights on teaching, how you would undoubtedly teach specific language or grammar points, classroom administration methods, taking care of technique concerns (specifically if you are talking to for a young student job), teaching products you have actually made, lesson planning along with questions not associated with teaching such as just how you deal with a group as well as the cultural level of sensitivity maybe.

    The possibility for you to ask concerns in the interview

    The interview is an opportunity for you to ask all the questions that you have and actually learn if it's the ideal institution for you. These will be both teachings as well as non-teaching relevant concerns. Do not be afraid to inquire about the contract, compensation package, and general questions about the city and lifestyle. Several of the usual inquiries to ask in a teacher interview are listed below:

    About the job and college

    Can you define for me what a week at the office would certainly be like?

    What are the teaching resources like?

    The number of courses is educated weekly?

    Just how would you define the atmosphere in the teacher's workplace?

    Can you tell me a little bit regarding my future pupils? What do they get out of their new teacher?

    For how long are the courses and also how many trainees in each course?

    Are teaching aides readily available?

    What's the innovation like? Does your college have interactive whiteboards?

    Just how much adaptability are instructors given on how they teach?

    Exist in any type of off-site courses, or are they all educated in the institution?

    About the instructor's lodging

    Is the accommodation given?

    Is it provided?

    Am I responsible for footing the bill?

    Will I be showing another teacher?

    Do I have the option of obtaining my very own real estate?

    Exactly how much is it from the school?

    You may likewise want to ask about flight allocations, incentives, evaluations, training, admin duties, promo opportunities as well as the visa application procedure.

    Concerning the city

    What do the instructors like to do in their free time?

    Can you tell me a little bit concerning the expat community in your location?

    What is the populace?

    Are there sporting activities facilities/ gym/ supermarket near the institution?

    What sort of entertainment exists?

    What are my choices for learning Chinese?

    What is the price of living like?

    Is there any type of products not available that I should bring with me?