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I'm looking to move to a new school in Guangzhou. Some of my friends have recommended using eChinajobs to shop around first, but I'm not sure if I will find scams and such. Is this website trustworthy?

I would like to share this with all 30,000 Chinese teachers in our network. I am always wary when I see companies using other names or fake entities to advertise their own work.

What is echinacities

Its About Us says: You'll find a comprehensive guide 41 to major Chinese cities that covers everything from the best to the worst restaurants, attractions and activities, articles on every aspect of travel and life in China, and the latest news and announcements that can't be found on other english-language websites. No other online resource offers as much information on business, travel and life in China as eChinacities.com.

Many ESL sites that sell AD space sell ads to anyone, especially start-ups.They need money.But as time goes by, they lose their conscience and continue to take easy money. This is why our CSP team has been busy for the past 7 years.

Echinacities reviews

It has a very interesting and useful look on the surface, but is only a half-baked forum, there is no reliable answer to contribute.

About the work part. If you're looking for a job, there are some job postings -- not all teaching jobs -- and a paid resume creation service, but many positions are not valid.

Find job on echinacities

I am going to share this with all the 22,483 china teachers in our network. It always alarms me when I see companies that use other names or fake entities to advertise their own jobs. I just post this here from another thread about China Job & Internship Frauds. As for the specific company you ask about, you should check with China Scam Patrol or Scam.com.

echinacities bad

Internet version of CCTV news!The website contains a lot of news and articles that make China seem like a utopia.Everyone needs to come to China for gold and let everyone know what an amazing place it is.And try to get all the "foreigners" in China to teach English and learn to use chopsticks.

If you are a lower level worker, usually class C in the classification of the Chinese category for foreigners, then echinacities is a good spot for you. You will enjoy the jealous hate speech there.

Beautiful Cities in China

However, for a vast and geographically diverse country, it is surprising how few people can enjoy the beauty of the rest of China, as many are among the world's unmatched natural wonders.

Is it possible to limit China's top attractions to 40? Impossible, but space is limited. And, as this story shows, once you have a camera in front of some of China's most beautiful spots, you can't stop taking pictures.