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I know most of these sites have fraudulent jobs or schools that are not what they say. I run a website called hiredchina.com for qualified teachers, meaning they already have a TEFL, TESOL or equivalent certificate, or the work experience and degree required for a z visa. I am also personally responsible for recruitment on the website. Recruitment information on our website is posted by vetted schools, and I actively look for fake or bad schools like Yaohua experimental school, and then delete the information. Most of these positions provide support and cover the cost of obtaining a z visa, as well as housing or housing subsidies.Having said that, I encourage you to check out our website.


Engineer -- because China is the world's manufacturing center, engineer is one of the most common jobs for foreigners in China, second only to English teacher. Perhaps the easiest way is for your current company to send you to work in China.

Sales and marketing -- there are many foreigners working in sales and marketing in China. I had little sales experience myself, but I got a sales job with a company. They need me because I can speak some mandarin and their clients will be impressed. If you work in sales, you will have no shortage of jobs in China.

Technical writing -- as you probably know, every product is made in China.What you may not know is that it usually takes a native English speaker to help write an English manual for these products. So technical writing is a great part-time or full-time job.

Manager -- many foreigners working in China are managers of factories or other types of companies. Foreign-owned enterprises usually have a foreigner from their company as their general manager. Local Chinese companies may hire you, but you have to be an expert in that field.

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You may or may not know that many employers value skills over degrees or certificates, and China is no exception. Having a degree and speaking mandarin is important.But they are far less important than having a set of skills. You can do some free work and let people gain experience by browsing Craigslist, or call and email people and companies and offer services for free until you are able to get paid job.

Finding a non-teaching job in China is harder than teaching English, but it can be done.

Since I first came to China to teach English in 2007, I have been looking for a non-teaching job there. Since 2010, several companies have offered me non-teaching positions. My friends also do non-teaching work in China.I see the most non-education work on Hiredchina.com.