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In recent years, English Teachers Jobs in China are becoming more and more attractive to expats. Many expats are coming to China to look for teaching job opportunities and take part in interviews. Even some expats take the teaching job offer through online interview then fly across half of the world to work in China. Let us find out the reason why China becomes such a popular teach abroad destination.

English Teaching Job Market in China

First, there is a truth that the hiring need for native English teachers in China is always greater than the supply. This hiring need comes from public schools, universities, international schools and language training centers and so on. So why is English teaching so important in China? Since in 1978, China implemented the reform and opening-up policy to take part in the globalization trend to develop its economy, the important of English teaching has been shown up as English is common language in the world. And now, not only Chinese government but also Chinese parents put great emphasis on the English education of kids.

And what you need to know first is the requirements of being an English teacher in China

1、Native Speaker

2、Bachelor Degree

3、2 Years of Working Experience

4、TEFL/CELTA/TESOL certificate

Note: Non-native speakers cannot be English teachers in first-tier cities in China, while the schools of small cities as well as language institutes still will hire non-native speakers as English teachers.

Finding Teaching Job Information in China

So where can you find job information of English teachers? It is really easy to find this kind of job info because you can see these jobs info in everywhere once you search “English teaching job in China” in goggle, facebook. Searching key words in goggle, lots of job info will show in your computer/mobile phone without a second. You may be dazzled by too much job info and need times to select and check. And if you search for job chances on facebook, what you need to do is to find some teaching job groups and join in. These two ways are easy and frequently used ways to search for teaching job chances in China but you also need to be careful to check the authenticity of the job info you are interested in to avoid scammers.

Benefits of Being an English Teacher in China

At this point, I would like to reveal why English teaching jobs are so attractive to expats. Many brave expats first come to China for a culture adventure and fall in love with this country at last. Besides the culture attraction, the great benefits of English teaching jobs also take great effect to successfully attract expats from oversea. If you are qualified and take an offer from hiring party, normally you will be paid with a competitive salary and additional perks including free accommodation, free flight ticket and bonuses.

Different Types of English Teaching Jobs in China

Although the job title is same as English teacher, your work time, holiday, salary and benefits will be different depending on what kind types of English teacher you are. Here are some types of English teaching jobs as follows,

1、English teacher in public schools and universities (normal working days, owing national holidays , Summer break and Winter break; 10K-15K RMB/Month)

2、English teacher in kindergartens (normal working days, owing national holidays , Summer break and Winter break; 10K-15K RMB/Month)

3、English teacher in Language training centers

This kind of teaching job always comes with more working hours also with higher payment. You may be work at the night of normal working days, weekends and national holidays. 20K-25K RMB/Month)

4、English teacher in International schools

The requirements of this kind of job may be stricter than others and you are also need to work in normal working days, owing national holidays, summer break and winter break; 20K-25K RMB/Month)