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    Entry Requirements to China

    Although applying for a China Z Visa may seem daunting at first, the procedure is really pretty simple, particularly because your future company will be responsible for handling the bulk of the administrative paperwork.

    Get the Notice of Authorization to Sell Woks in China

    A job invitation letter from a potential employer is the first step in applying for a work visa after receiving a job offer. Your employer is the best source for information on the application procedure and the required forms and materials.

    Get your PU acceptance letter

    You needed a PU letter to apply for a work visa in China until very recently. The Chinese government restored it in March of 2020, despite having previously discarded it to simplify the procedure. That's right, the epidemic is to blame.

    Obtaining a PU letter isn't difficult in and of itself, but the additional time it may add to the visa application procedure is frustrating. In addition (and this is crucial), this prerequisite may limit your employment options.

    Fill out an application for a Z-class work visa

    There's still one more thing to complete before heading out to China.

    The closest Chinese embassy or consulate is where you should submit your application for a work visa to China. However, the number of embassies and consulates that are currently accepting visa applications is shrinking.

    Check your Z-Class Visa twice

    If you've just gotten a new visa, it's important to read it thoroughly after you've received your passport back. The possibility of receiving a visa that is not the one for which you applied is not very remote. Verify it with a fine tooth comb since mistakes can occur periodically. Information such as your arrival date, duration of stay, visa type (Z!) and other pertinent details will be included on your visa. Know that "ignorance is not bliss" when it comes to problems of any type; regardless of the kind of visa you requested, the terms of your real visa are the only ones that will be taken into consideration.

    Relocate to China

    Now that you have a job lined up and a work visa in hand, you are prepared to make the big step. The moment has come to take the teaching job in China.

    Keep in mind that once you set foot in China, every second counts. After going through all the hoops to get a Z Visa, you'll quickly find out that it has a limited lifespan. When COVID wasn't in effect, you only had 30 days to change your Z Visa to a resident permit. Authorities are now issuing Z Visas with validity periods ranging from sixty to one hundred and eighty days (the exact number of days is shown under validity on your new visa), giving you between that time period and your next visa renewal to apply for permanent residence. The present situation necessitates additional time for quarantine and relocating, and this factor takes that into consideration.

    In reality, a visa expiration date of 000 signifies that the holder may remain in the country permanently. But that's not the case at all! Even if you are granted a visa with a validity of 00, you should not rest on your laurels and should instead apply for a residence permit as soon as possible.

    Collect a form to register with the police

    Within the first day of landing in China, you must go to the nearest police station to register as a foreigner.

    In most cases, schools will pay for a hotel room for an arriving teacher, and the hotel management will report your presence to the local authorities. Your company will help you update your address with the proper authorities after you have settled into a new place to call home permanently.

    See a Doctor

    A lengthy and thorough medical examination is required of all foreign workers entering China. This is done to rule out communicable illnesses like HIV and drug abuse. In all, you'll have to take half a dozen exams at a single hospital or medical center in your academic city, and your employer (or a liaison officer designated by them) will schedule and accompany you to each one.

    Obtain a Work Visa to Enter China

    Do you still have the Notice of Intent to Issue a Work Permit that you submitted in Step 1? Getting in touch with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security once again is required at this point to convert that "notification" into a real "permission." This procedure will also be facilitated by your employer.

    Obtain a Permanent Resident Card

    At least one week before your Z visa expires, visit your local Public Security Bureau (PSB) to apply in person for a Residency Permit. The fact that your future employer must attest to your employment with them is a big aid here.


    What! Are you kidding me? There's nothing left to do. At long last, you'll be able to get down to the serious business of instructing in China.All objectives met!