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Living and Working in China

Each year, countless foreigners come to China to find new job opportunities and most of them succeed to settle down their jobs in China. For these people, living in China is an attracting, interesting but also challenging journey as most of them do not know Chinese and immerse themselves in an unfamiliar society with totally different culture, food and working pace and so on. While if you are brave and adventurous, this China journey can be one of your wonderful and unforgettable experience in your life. Most of expats who settled down in China have called China as their second hometown.

As you may be curious about that what kinds of jobs are these expats doing in China. And most of you may think that you only can find teaching job in China. No, it is not true. Although English teaching job is still the most needed and most popular job for expats in China, a great number of non-teaching jobs are also emerging and open to expats in China in recent years.

Find New Opportunities in China

As for expats who are now considering finding new opportunities in China, you may have heard so many suggestions from others who have already settled down in China. Now this article still would like to provide you some tips in finding jobs in China.

Looking for job Chances on Social Media

Social Media like facebook, LinkedIn even twitter are the most used platforms for Chinese recruiters to look for foreign talents. The key to find a bunch of job information in facebook and LinkedIn is to joining in some relative job groups like “jobs in China”. Normally job seekers are always warmly welcomed by these job groups in facebook. So it is really easy to join in work groups in facebook but the thing is not as same as in LinkedIn. The admins of LinkedIn work groups always have more strict selection of applying candidates so sometimes it is hard to join in LinkedIn work groups. As for twitter, you only need to use key words like “teaching jobs in China” to search for relative job information as most of Chinese recruiting parties also will post their job info plus key words like jobs in China with hash tag.

Looking for Chinese Jobs on Job Website

Job Website is also a good way for expats to search for job chance in China. The advantage to use job website is that normally most of job info on these professional job websites are credible as most of job website will check the posting job info first to make sure the reliability of these information. Besides the reliable information, you also can promote yourself to Chinese recruiters by building up a complete and attractive online resume. The importance of a complete online resume has been ignored by many job hunters as they always prefer to hide their working experience in attachments of resume. Standing in the perspective of Chinese recruiters, working experience is the most important part to evaluate candidates. And if you have a complete online resume on job website, you are successfully attract recruiters’ attention to read your online resume, which also increase your chance to be contacted by Chinese recruiters.