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Why more and more people want to find jobs in China Grove? China Grove, located at the north of Landis and south of Salisbury, is a lovely city in Rowan County, North Carolina, United States. In recent years, China Grove’s economy has positive trend in economy with more job vacancies open in this area, which attract more people to seek for job opportunity in China Grove.

The basic information of China Grove NC

As for the climate, May, September, and October are the most pleasant months in China Grove, while January and July are the least comfortable months. And as for salary, the average salary of a China Grove resident is $20,050 a year which can be described as normal salary level in US. Moreover, China Grove NC has one more advantage that it owns a low cost of living which is 6.4% lower than the U.S. average. This low cost of living plus the fair salary level attract more and more young American to work and settle down in China Grove.

Job Market in China Grove

As mentioned before, there is a positive trend in China Grove’s economy, which increases the tax base in China Grove. Obviously, this increased tax base will do great contribution to the city improvements and makes China Grove a more attractive city to talents. The main occupations in China Grove can be divided into 5 types. The service industry occupy above 25.5% of the local job market which is the most popular job type in local. Next comes to management, business, science and arts industries which take up at above 22.6% of the local job market. The third large part of job market is consist of production, transportation and material moving industries which provide 20.3% job chances at China Grove. Then Natural resources, construction and maintenance industries contribute above 16.8% job chances to the local market. Last, sales and office industries offer 14.8% job chances to local hiring market.

Popular jobs available for your consideration

After checking the basic condition of China Grove’s job market, you may want to know more specific about some popular jobs at China Grove. Here will list some popular jobs for your career consideration.

Customer Service

This is one of popular job in China Grove with many trading companies want to expand their business and need some customer services to help them interact with and maintain customers. Normally, candidates owned relative experience will be preferred. While candidate without experience also will be welcomed to apply for this job if you are patient, careful and willing to work in a fast-paced office environment.

Patient Services

Medical industry has experienced a prosperous development in recent years which increases a great need for Patient Services. Candidates who want to apply for this job should own some experience in dental or medical industry; possess interpersonal communication skills, have full understanding of commercial and government insurance plan.


Front desk receptionist is also a common job vacancy in China Grove. As a regular rule, candidates should be outgoing and friendly to handle the repetitious tasks like answer phone call from customers, business consulting and so on. Obviously, candidates should own good communication skills and also need to maintain privacy of the company documents, records and other information relating to customers.