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    Highest and best paying careers in China

    China offers some of the highest-paying jobs in the world, with annual salaries exceeding 10,000 Yuan. Most of China's 300 jobs pay less than 5,000 yuan (about $1,300) per month.

    Before starting college or a job, it's a good idea to figure out what degree would have the most influence on your future. Here are the greatest jobs in China to pursue if you want to make the most money in life.


    Actuaries operate in a variety of industries, including insurance, banking, and stock brokerage.

    An actuary in China earns an average of 12,000 yuan per month, making them one of the country's highest-paid employees.

    The society of actuaries and other recognized actuarial organizations require that prospective actuaries complete a four-year university degree program and actuarial professional course certification before they may call themselves actuaries.

    Analysts in the field of finance

    The stock market and financial institutions are the most common places where financial analysts find jobs to do. An entry-level financial analyst in China may expect to make about 8,000 Yuan per month.

    It's a little less than what an actuary makes in China, but it's still a lot better than most jobs.

    Qualified actuaries make more than 13,000 Yuan annually, but only those who have earned the Chartered Financial Analyst credential may call themselves qualified.

    Engineers in Computer Science

    Engineers in the field of software development work to create new apps and technology that help businesses stay ahead of the competition. An experienced software engineer in China can expect to make at least 15,000 Yuan a month, according to a salary study.

    To be a hot cake engineer, you need to be a world-class programmer with the ability to out-innovate your colleagues.

    After completing four years of college-level instruction, a software student may apply to work for a well-known IT organization as an intern or an employee.

    Doctor of Medicine

    A medical degree in China is a great accomplishment. There is no denying that physicians in China are paid rather well for their work. In a well-known private hospital, a medical doctor's beginning wage is 10,000 Yuan per month; nevertheless, experienced physicians may expect to make well over 200,000 Yuan annually.

    Engineers, Civil

    A civil engineer is a person who is capable of starting and running a successful consulting business. There is a rising need for civil engineers because of the increasing number of buildings like roads, bridges and residences.

    Civil engineers in China may expect to earn 8,000 yuan per month as a beginning wage. However, a person's pay is determined by the firm for which they work. Private sector wages are often higher than those paid by the government.

    Manager of Marketing

    People who wish to boost their company's revenue should take a course in sales and marketing. The training may not pay much when starting out, but as a manager, it is more lucrative in China than many other careers.

    The average annual compensation for a sales manager in China is 150,000 yuan (about $150,000 USD).

    Certified public auditors

    A company's finances are handled by certified public accountants. Their pay are commensurate with the importance of the work they do. Certified public accountants make an average of 10,000 yuan per month in China, according to the most recent data.


    Logistics workers in China make more money than professors, which is bizarre.

    Their skills are in great demand, and they continue to be paid well for their efforts.

    In China, a newly graduated logistician may expect to earn an annual salary of 8,000 Yuan. The salary for experienced logisticians might be as high as 15,000 yuan a month for the most skilled.


    In China and across the globe, you may have a highly satisfying career as a pilot.

    A pilot's wage in China is about 12,000 Yuan per month on average. A captain's salary is higher because of his or her years of expertise in the industry.

    a professional in the field of aeronautics

    In China, a career in aeronautics is an uncommon one, but it pays handsomely. On the basis of typical monthly wages, recent graduates working in the aviation business may expect to earn around $8,000.

    a professional in the oil and gas sector

    There is a lot of money to be made in the oil and gas business in China. Typically, this engineer's compensation is $14,000 per month.