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    How To Find An Internship in China 2022

    Over 70% of interns say that packing is more stressful than selecting a reputable China internship agency. Everyone has their own method of travel packing. Perhaps you haven't given any consideration to packing yet, and you don't plan to give it any thought until you're down to the last days before departure. Or maybe you're the kind of person who packs a month in ahead just in case you forget anything and have to go out and get something. Some of us make lists to make sure we don't forget anything, while some put off really packing in order to minimize wrinkles, and others just toss five items of clothing into a bag and call it good. A one-size-fits-all manual won't cut it, but we still do our best to be of assistance.

    What to bring on a Gap Year or China internship in China.

    Where you're going

    We can guarantee that interning in Shenzhen and Shanghai will call for distinct tools. It's no secret that the weather in various parts of the United States is radically diverse from coast to coast, and China is no different. Cities in the south, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, have a more tropical climate (hot and humid) in the summer and get high levels of precipitation throughout the year. To what extent does it affect you? That calls for rain boots, an umbrella, and an outfit devoid of suede (no Uggs).

    You should know that most southern cities do not have central heating (in houses) in the winter and spring, whereas northern ones do.

    Learn about the climate and the seasons you'll encounter before settling on what to bring on your trip.

    During your internship/Program,

    You'll need to research your sector and workplace culture to choose the appropriate attire for each day. Whereas a suit and leather shoes would not be necessary at a startup or creative agency, they would be expected in a large global corporation with regular business meetings. There is a difference in attire for those working in the field vs those working in an office, therefore it's important to know your job title as well. Professional attire might be reduced if you work in an environment where a uniform is required.

    If you want to look your best on your first day on the job, it's smart to find out from human resources what the dress code is. Inquire as to the typical work attire of your department's employees, as well as whether or not there are any upcoming events that will call for a more formal appearance. A professional outfit, consisting of a dark suit, white shirt, and tie, and black leather shoes, may be required by certain employers. Heels and skirt suits may be obligatory in some workplaces.

    Because "business casual" is such a generic phrase, the company's interpretation of it might vary greatly, even amongst departments inside the same building.

    You need not fret about what to wear to your Chinese language program or Chinese summer camp, other than inclement weather.

    Financial Plan

    How much and how you expect to spend money in China will affect what you bring with you on your trip. All the "light packing" and minimalist advice presume that you will purchase anything you need once you get there. Many out-of-date travel resources also advise bringing as little as possible and buying necessities in China since Asia is much more affordable than the United States. It's not the case, however, for everyone.

    First, it's possible to stock up on toothpaste, shampoo, and other toiletries in China, but you could end up spending more than if you'd brought them from home. There is no need not to carry your own personal hygiene items, and you can always replenish your supply when you run out when you get there.

    Second, certain beauty products are either unavailable outside of major cities like Beijing and Shanghai, or else must be imported and acquired at a premium. Stick deodorant is one product that many foreigners swear by.

    Thirdly, don't think you can just buy whatever you need (clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, etc.) in China for dirt cheap and leave it all at home. It's possible that high street favorites like H&M and Zara will be more expensive in China than where you're from, and that you won't be able to get clothing in the cut, fabric, and size that you want. It takes time to learn your way around, get over the language barrier, and make decent choices, even if you're willing to buy fake or have anything custom-made. Don't expect to see and do everything in China in the first couple of weeks.

    Have Any Future Plans Apart from an Internship?

    What are your non-professional plans? Have you thought of trying to blend in with the natives? You may learn a lot about the local fashion by checking at pictures of people wearing the clothes they really wear that were posted on Pininterest by expatriates and Chinese people.

    Are you planning to visit more rural places and take in the beautiful scenery? You should bring your hiking gear, or at least your walking shoes and a suitable bag.

    Do you intend to partake in the nightlife of the city? Bring all of your feminine needs, including your high heels, gowns, and makeup.

    During your internship in China, what you bring with you will depend greatly on your schedule and objectives. There will be a lot of walking, but not everyone has to carry sneakers if they're comfortable in other shoes. Likewise, those who don't like the nightlife may skip packing a tour guide or a clubbing costume. First, determine your goals for your time in China.

    The Chinese Internship Experience and Your Daily Routine

    Also, our way of living affects the kinds of things we'll need to bring with us on our trip. A paperback or electronic reader might be useful if you plan on doing a lot of reading on your trip. You need the appropriate footwear and attire for physical activity. While some people would rather dress casually, others would rather dress fashionably. Some people need several accessories, including handbags, scarves, jewelry, and hats, while others have no such requirements. Make sure to include everything you'll need for a healthy trip.