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    How do foreigners work legally in China 2022?

    If you want to find employment in China, you are required to lawfully get the necessary documentation; failing to do so may result in criminal prosecution. This essay will educate you on the steps necessary to get legal employment in China.

    The necessary licenses and credentials to get employment in China

    Foreign nationals who want to work in China are required under the country's Exit and Entry Administration Law to get both a work permit and a work-type residence permit. These permits must be obtained in line with the applicable rules. No person or organization is allowed to hire foreign nationals who are without one of these two papers.

    Applying for a Foreigner's Work Permit Notice may be done online from outside of China.

    Submit an application for a Z or R visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country.

    Make your application for a Foreigner's Work Permit at a department that manages foreigner workers.

    Apply for the Work-type Position Obtaining a Residence Permit from a Department of Public Safety

    Do you possess the qualifications necessary to get job in China?

    Employers are required to meet the following requirements: Have a legal establishment; not have a history of serious unlawful activity or a lack of credit;

    When there are no qualified Chinese applicants available, employ people from other countries to fill specialized roles that must conform with national rules.

    Paying foreign workers no less than the normal minimum pay in the area is unacceptable;

    Obtain the necessary clearance from the departments of industrial management in accordance with the laws and regulations.

    The following requirements must be met by applicants: they must be at least 18 years old, in good health, free of criminal convictions, have a specific job offer in China, and possess the required professional abilities and expertise;

    Must submit applications for jobs that are in high demand in China and will contribute to the country's continued economic growth;

    Ensure compliance with any rules or regulations that pertain to the employment of foreigners in China. It is simple to submit an application for a Work Permit for Foreigners!

    It is simple to submit an application for a Work Permit for Foreigners!

    The following recommendations have been made by the Leading Group for the Reform of the Administrative Examination and Approval System of the State Council:

    Foreign Expert Work Permit

    + Authorization for Employment of Non-Natives

    = Foreigner's Work Permit

    The Foreigner's Work Permit system is within the purview of SAFEA, which is responsible for its execution.

    On April 1, 2017, the new policy was formally put into effect throughout the whole country.

    There are just seven things that are required for the application:

    Form for applying for a work permit to be held by a foreigner Certificate of employment eligibility

    Medical certificate (except for foreigners who already have a valid residence permit)

    A letter of authorisation from the government, an employment contract, or a certificate of employment

    Passport, visa, or legal residency permit

    Certificate (diploma) of the highest academic degree or certificate of equivalent occupational certification.

    Non-criminal record certificate

    Additionally, 'visas' are required for the application documents.

    Some of the application papers, including as diplomas or certificates of the highest academic degree or occupational qualification, as well as certifications stating that the applicant does not have a criminal record, are required to have consular verification in accordance with international conventions.