How do you ask for a pay rise in China?

When working in China, it might be difficult to know when and how to ask for a raise. Inquire as to how much you want. Where and when should you inquire? Is there anything more you should ask for in addition to money?

When to Bring Up the Subject

A few months before your contract ends, you should ask for a raise. By delaying, you'll offer your employer more time to draft a new contract while your request is routed via the proper authorities, such as management and human resources.

In most cases, you won't be able to directly ask your boss for a raise; instead, it will have to be authorized by other departments. Your manager will appreciate your respect if you give him or her adequate time to process your request.

What questions to ask

Putting your foot down and declaring, "I'd like a raise," is a bad idea since it gives the impression that you are entitled to one. Instead, come up with a concrete number that reflects your value to the company and submit it to your manager.

The number of new customers you brought in, social media followers you gained for the firm, or tasks you finished may all be used to compute your hourly rate. The information in this article may help you determine your own personal value.

It is reasonable to ask for 10 percent of your monthly compensation for additional work. Since your monthly salary is RMB20,000, you're asking for an additional RMB2,000 per month. However, if your manager comes back at you with a lesser percentage, be prepared to compromise. If they weren't performing their job, Chinese corporations would not be trying to haggle you down to a lower price in the first place.

Keep in mind that you don't have to beg for money. You might ask for extra paid vacation days or to work from home once a week, depending on your circumstances. It's also possible to ask for money to cover expenses like transportation, lodging, or meals at the corporate cafeteria. As an alternative, you may ask for a modest stake in the firm if it is a startup.

Even while salary increases are by far the most common kind of raise in China, there are several additional benefits your employer may give that will enhance your financial well-being and/or general well-being.

Manner in which to inquire

Your level of familiarity with your employer will play a role in this. How much do they prefer email? Inquire through WeChat whether they are friendly enough. Is it better to have a face-to-face conversation?

Writing down your request and giving it to your employer in person is the most effective way for most Chinese managers. This allows you the opportunity to meet with them in person, as well as providing them with a physical copy of the document (which Chinese people love). As a reminder, the printed copy should contain the submission date and the expiration date of your contract.

However, in China, asking for a raise merely because you desire it is unlikely to succeed. As an alternative, make a list of the accomplishments you've made while employed by the organization or the characteristics that distinguish you from your coworkers.

Labor that goes beyond your job description, such as tutoring your coworkers in English, might count as part of this additional work you're expected to do. An accurate list of the advantages you provide the organization can help you get your boss's respect.

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