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    How do you write a resume for a Chinese company?

    Keep in mind that the HR employees who may be reviewing your CV may not be a native English speaker at first. Your sentences may benefit from being more concise. Don't use unclear terms or terminology to describe your own personal experiences.

    China resume writing guidelines aren't all that different from those for creating a resume anywhere else. If you're looking for a job at a Western firm, you should strive for a one-page application. However, you should keep in mind the nationality of the firm you're applying to so that you may choose the appropriate resume format.

    Creating a Standout Resume

    Students, especially those seeking employment in other countries, often make the mistake of putting in an all-inclusive résumé. Try not to brag about your "great successes," particularly if you're just starting out and have a few accomplishments to show for your time in the industry.

    Doing so on a resume will not provide you a major boost in your application. Furthermore, you'll make it more difficult for your potential employer to locate the qualifications you possess. And this reduces your chances of being selected for the interview.. List just the relevant skills and accomplishments for the job post.

    China Job Application Resume Writing

    Your past employment or internship experience is an excellent place to start if you don't have any prior relevant experience before developing your CV.

    When applying for a job, even if you don't have the exact work experience necessary, you may still include relevant experiences. Additionally, it would be ideal if these relevant experiences were gained during prior work in China, however this is not a must.

    Credentials obtained via formal education

    Mention your educational background and the dates of your accomplishments. At the very least, a bachelor's degree is required. While a high school diploma may gain you a job in China, a university degree is required to secure a well-paying position. In addition, obtaining a bachelor's degree is helpful when applying for a China work visa.

    The details of your private life

    China's workforce is used to seeing personal information on the job. To get a job in China you need provide your complete name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

    You must provide your age range and gender (you have to specify this as the HR personnel, if Chinese may not be able to tell your gender by your name). You should indicate your marital status and the number of children, if any, as well as their age, if applicable. Also, be sure to mention whether you're single.

    Include a headshot, if applicable. If you're applying for a job in China, you need to include this information on your CV. Take a picture of yourself and make sure you're dressed modestly for the headshot (passport-sized, if possible).

    Make a list of your extracurricular activities, talents, and interests.

    After describing your professional and educational background, it's time to talk about your interests and talents. This is where you should include any and all of your accomplishments that are relevant. You should, if possible, choose experiences, talents, or qualifications that are relevant to China if they are accessible. It may be anything as simple as your vibrant score on a Cantonese or Mandarin proficiency exam.

    You should just discuss your relevant talents briefly in your cover letter and during the interview process if you don't have the space to do so in detail.

    You may add a sub-part to this area of your resume to include things like your pay expectations (do your research beforehand on the salary range of the company or the role being applied to).


    For the vast majority of expat positions in China, competence in English is a must-have. It's important to mention whether you are a native English speaker. To demonstrate your competence in the English language, you must supply all of the information from any recognized and acceptable examinations that you have taken.

    Declare your fluency in Chinese here as well. Despite the fact that it isn't a need, it may help you score points. In addition to English competence, identify your degree of Chinese knowledge, i.e., speaking, writing, and reading ability.