How much can you make working in China?

China has the biggest TEFL market in the world, and possibilities for teaching can be found all around this enormous nation. These opportunities are available for teachers with no prior experience as well as those who have taught in other countries before. There are so many different jobs open for TEFL teachers in China, ranging from public schools to private language institutes, kindergartens to universities, business language schools to fun summer camps. There is an English teaching job in China that is a good fit for everyone, no matter their background or experience.

An essential question: how well do occupations that include teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in China pay? The average wage for a teacher in China is around 13,000 RMB (£1,450 / $1,860) per month. Working as a teacher in China may earn you anywhere from 9,000 to 18,000 RMB (£1,000 to £2,000 / $1,300 to $2,575) per month.

If you decide to work in China, your income will be determined by a variety of different criteria. Among them are the location of the position, the amount of prior work experience, and the kind of school or language center where you teach. For instance, working at an international school may net you a monthly salary of up to 30,000 RMB (about £3,330 or $4,300), provided that you have a few years of relevant work experience. At the meanwhile, the beginning salary for a new English teacher from another country who is looking for a position in a public school might be about 10,000 RMB (£1200 / $1600).

The salary is not the only perk that comes along with working as an English teacher in China. To entice potential employees, several institutions cover the cost of airfare, provide performance incentives, and provide additional benefits in addition to employment, such as free lodging, food, and even Mandarin language classes. Additionally, while China provides almost universal access to medical care, some businesses may require their employees to pay for additional medical insurance or private health care arrangements.

In most cases, it is feasible to bargain with employers. This is particularly true with employers at private schools and foreign language centers. Before you put your signature on the dotted line, double-check that you are content with all of the job's conditions as well as the perks. Don't forget to look out for snares in the form of unpaid overtime, holidays, and office hours!

What kind of salary can one expect to get if they choose to teach English in China?

Jobs in education are plentiful in China, and you can expect to earn a respectable salary regardless of whether you decide to teach in Chinese foreign schools, a private school, or even in the capacity of a tutor.

According to the information provided in the section on wage expectations in China, you may anticipate making anything between £1,000 to 2,000 per month, which translates to $1,300–2,575 in American dollars. In addition, employment incentives might include things like paying for or reimbursing travel expenses, offering performance bonuses, providing private medical insurance, providing housing, teaching free Mandarin classes, and a host of other amenities.

Of course, no two ESL instructors have exactly the same background or experience. If you want to travel to China, teach English there, and make a million dollars, you're going to need some good luck.

In spite of this, there is little debate over the fact that English language instructors are compensated properly – at least for the most part – in China.

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