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    How to find a job in China in 2023

    You've settled on a career move to China. You won't regret going abroad if you go in with an open mind and are prepared to lead a lifestyle that is far different from what you're used to at home. Trust me, having lived and worked in China, when I say that it is simultaneously bizarre, irritating, discouraging, fascinating, enlightening, and wonderful. You'll have an experience that will keep you in drinks at the bar for the rest of your life, and you'll have a memory that will last a lifetime. However, making the decision to go to China for employment isn't always simple, so you may want some assistance in landing your ideal position once you arrive.

    Put your connections to use

    Making use of your current set of contacts is a great strategy to speed up your job search in China.

    This can help you establish a rapport with a potential employer in China, increasing the odds that they'll recruit you.

    Begin with the company you currently have a job with in your native country. It's possible that they have a presence in China or collaborate with a local firm doing the same thing. You may go forward in your chosen field without deviating too much from your original plan. Choosing to remain with your current company allows you to keep your current benefits package, including health insurance and vacation time. It is possible to locate employers that will pay for some or all of your moving costs and even assist you in finding a new place to call home. If you are unable to get assistance at your company, you should turn to your personal connections for assistance. Consider the individuals you know personally, as well as those you know via your friends, coworkers, sports teams, online networks, and so on. Don't forget any possibilities. In China, people rely on something called "guanxi" to get things done. The term "karma" is used to describe the belief that if you do something kind for someone, they will eventually return the favor.

    Do you, by any chance, know someone in China who you might contact for help?

    However, you may know someone who does have these connections on your behalf. Inquire among your professional and personal contacts if they know someone with deep connections in China. In China, personal connections are just as valuable as professional ones.

    Spread the word that you're looking for employment in China. You might also hand out your CV to anybody who seems like they might know someone at the company.

    They may use it as leverage to get you hired by someone owing them money, if you're qualified, of course.

    Think about getting an internship.

    Have you used up every possible connection?

    Internships are a great chance to test the waters in China, meet people, and discover whether the work environment is what you were hoping for.

    However, because the point of an internship is to gain experience rather than financial compensation, you shouldn't count on receiving any.

    In reality, if you want to intern legally in China on a F Visa, you can forget about being paid. However, you'll get a little salary plus perks like free housing. It may cost a significant number of money to enroll in some programs. Doing your homework will definitely pay off.

    Always present your best self

    You need more than just a place to find jobs in China.

    You'll want to learn the ins and outs of the application process and the interview in order to stand out from the competition. Luckily, the procedure for job applications is fairly similar to what you’ve probably been through in your own country.

    The first step is to fill out an application, which should look like this:

    Concise cover letter that explains why you're the best candidate for the position and showcases your relevant expertise and skills.

    A concise, two- or three-page résumé that doesn't sugarcoat or boast.

    Education is highly valued by Chinese employers, so bring a copy of your degree and any other relevant credentials you may have.

    If you get attention after this, you will likely go on to a phone or video interview. It is imperative that you prepare for this as completely as you would for a face-to-face meeting.

    Among the inquiries and concerns for which you should have answers are:

    Why you want to work in China and what you can bring to the table

    Your qualifications as the ideal applicant

    Is there any reason why they should employ you over a local candidate?

    Explain the steps you're doing to be ready to work in China.

    If you can speak Mandarin, great!

    Your time spent abroad as a resident or employee.

    Maintain confidence while being humble throughout the interview.

    Also, keep in mind that there is often a linguistic barrier. Sometimes, even when communicating with someone who speaks English well, nuances are lost in translation.

    If you want to be understood, speak clearly and slowly (but at a natural pace).