Is China accepting foreign teachers 2022?

If you are looking for an adventure that will change your life, you might think about becoming a teacher in China. You will get the opportunity to meet youngsters who are overjoyed to have you in their nation, learn to speak Chinese, and experience new and interesting foods. When it comes to China, it's not hard to get completely awestruck by the country. The field of education in other countries is now at its pinnacle, and it is currently not difficult in the least to get work teaching English in China.

So whether you've always wanted to work in this field or are simply interested about the possibilities, this book is for you.

China's Various Teaching Positions

Public schools, training institutes, and foreign schools are all options if you're interested in teaching English in China. It's essential to familiarize yourself with all three possibilities so that you can make an informed decision.

Foreign English instructors are in high demand as China's teaching abroad sector continues to grow. Chinese English teaching jobs range from major public schools to small private schools to high-level corporate English sessions.

Government-run schools in China

A substantial number of Chinese public schools employ foreign instructors to do speech exercises with their pupils. This is done to help the children enhance their listening and speaking abilities..

As a foreign teacher, you'll most likely be a substitute at a Chinese public school. Grammar and test preparation will be taught by a single instructor to all pupils. There are no speaking activities in grammar lessons. Your job as an oral instructor is to come to class once or twice a week and assist pupils in learning to speak the language.

Consider the fact that Chinese public schools often have large class sizes. Each session will include between 30 and 50 students. You'll also only be doing this on rare occasions. The chances of working just two days a week are quite high.

If you work in a public school, your lessons will run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, with an hour and a half for lunch. If you want a regular work schedule and a steady salary, public schools may be a wonderful option for you.

Center for Chinese Language and Culture

Teaching English at a Chinese training institution is another popular option for expats in the country. Typically, private institutions are open late in the day, on weekends, and on weekday nights. Despite the fact that this may work for some, remember that your timetable is likely to be inconsistent with training facilities.

It is possible to educate youngsters, prepare students for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or be an oral instructor at a training facility. It all relies on the kind of workplace you're employed in. Unlike public schools, training centers reach a far larger audience. Students as young as two years old may come to you for help. Choosing a treatment facility is all on what it does.

And last but not least, class sizes at training facilities are much less than in public schools. In a typical lesson, you'll have anything from four to eight kids to deal with. You may even get the opportunity to meet pupils one-on-one from time to time.

Int'l Education

International schools are the ideal option if you're a certified teacher in your native country with at least two years of classroom experience. You may teach any topic in English at foreign schools. In most cases, the students who attend these institutions are the offspring of foreign immigrants or of Chinese citizens who aspire to continue their education at a university located in another country.

Keep in mind that foreign institutions need more education, but they also pay more.

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