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is very important to increasing your chance of getting jobs in China.

Jobs for expats in China

According to a report released on Oct 21, 2017 by US business magazine Forbes. Non-Teaching Jobs China. The 2018Global Talent Mobility and Wealth Management report predicts China will be a major exchange hub for global talent by 2022.

Why do Chinese companies hire foreigners?

Chinese companies are expanding worldwide. Foreigners bring new perspectives, languages, business intelligence, and cultural understanding. For a company to be truly global, it must have a global staff. Hiring foreigners can be a strategic decision for Chinese employers. Due to the current talent shortage in China, employers will also look abroad to find the industry expertise they need.

China Jobs Industries

What industries need foreigners the most in China? What industries have the most foreign job opportunities? 

For Chinese multinationals, foreign marketing/sales staff are incredibly important. Candidates with digital marketing experience on foreign platforms are in high demand to help Chinese brands expand globally. Not only native English speakers are needed – there are many opportunities for foreign nationals in various countries. Other industries where foreigners are needed include logistics, human resources, hospitality, information technology, and, of course, language education.

Teaching in China?

What advice would you give to foreigners who want to get out of teaching?

There are many good opportunities in the education sector in China that span beyond English instruction. However, if you’d like to change career paths, the job search process is similar to elsewhere – you can apply online (through online platforms like hiredchina.com that features non-teaching jobs), search through a recruiter and apply on their local website, cold-call employers, or get a referral.

It’s better to do this sooner rather than later, as employers in other industries may not regard English teaching as relevant experience. If you have professional experience in your field of interest or strong Mandarin skills, it’s a good idea to emphasize those on your CV.

Advantages to find a job in China

Are there advantages to foreigners who have HSK certification seeking jobs in China compared to those who do not? 

Both foreign multinationals and Chinese companies are increasingly seeking candidates with, at the very least, elementary to intermediate Mandarin skills. Having HSK certification gives your employer a solid indicator of your level and shows your commitment to learning the language. It’s an asset to any CV.

Even if the position itself doesn't require Chinese ability, being able to speak Chinese allows you to communicate with your team and (most importantly) your boss better, which might indicate more space for promotion.