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China, a mysterious and wonderful country, attracts millions of expats to visit/work/settle down in China and many of them come from USA. What makes this phenomenon happen? 

In recent years, China open itself out to the world and quickly becomes the fastest growing economy, which increases talents exchange between China and other countries. The prosperous development of economy and job market gain China a new reputation of “Land of Opportunities”. You can easily find a lot of Jobs for Americans in China.

Stereotype of Chinese jobs

Many Americans may have a stereotype of Chinese jobs. You may think that English teacher is the only career choice to settle down in China. While it is definitely not true! Nowadays, many types of jobs have been open to expats and job choices for expats are not more limited to teaching job.

Jobs for Americans in China

Work in China definitely will be your impactful and unforgettable experience in your life. Now many jobs are available in China why not take this chance to immerse yourself in another culture and gain positive experience in your life. This article will list 5 popular jobs for Americans in China which may be able to give you a guide for career choice in China.


If you are a bilingual talent who masters both English and Chinese, congratulation, you can find lots of translator jobs in China. Game translator, Finance translator, Translation Editor and more translation jobs are all available for your choice if you are qualified and own rich translation experience in relative area. Moreover, some of those translation job vacancies are also open to freelance translators.

Check translation job here.


Marketing is one of the popular jobs for Americans in China. Many of Americans believe they can put forward new marketing strategies to help their employers to open oversea market based on their familiarity of the United States. So what skills are needed for a good marketer? First, the ability to analyze marketing data and make decisions is the basic requirement for a marketer. In addition, a great marketer should be good storytellers, familiar with customers and markets, creative and enjoy working with new things like some new technology.

Check marketing job here

3、Voice Cover

As for Americans, this job also should be in your job consideration list. Yes, you may do not think about that you can earn your living by do voicing in China. Actually not only movies/TV shows need dubbing artists, short video, games and even some English text books also need Voice Cover talents. And native speakers always are the preferred person for hiring parties.

4、Education Consultant

At the first sight, you may think this kind of job is also like English teacher but it isn’t actually. Now there is a large number of Chinese parents wish their children can go out to the bigger world to experience/accept western education. This craze of study abroad boosts the need for some education consultants whose main job is to help Chinese students to apply for universities of America, British or other western countries. And as for Americans who are familiar with the US colleges and study-abroad policies will be preferred by the Chinese employers.

5、English Teacher

Yes we always have to talk about this most common job choice for Americans in China. With the publish of new regulation on Foreign English teachers career, now only native speakers can be English teachers in China’s first-tier cities. The candidates also should graduate with bachelor degree (at least) plus 2 years of working experience. As for new teacher who have not working experience before, owning relative English teaching certificate like TEFL/CELTA/TESOL certificate also can help you get this job.

China is fulfilled with job chances so don’ be hesitated to come and build up your career in China.