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Find jobs and get valuable information about the job market in Beijing in our forum for expatriates in Beijing. Your career in Beijing starts here!

Jobs in Beijing for english speakers

Jobs in Beijing for english speakers, Continental. HR & Administration Specialist Beijing. ... Covestro. Assistant. Beijing. ... Third Bridge. Analyst (Native English Speaker) Beijing. ... Continental. ADAS - Team Leader. ... Disney English. Guest Relations Consultant. ...

SDL. Office Administrator. ... Disney English. Operations Supervisor. ... Academics Ltd. Deputy Head of Primary School.

How to get a job in Beijing

Do you know the smartest way to look for jobs in Beijing?  If you want to find a job before you come to Beijing, you can contact one of the many headhunters that specializes in recruiting foreigners to work in China, such as hiredchina.com. There are also professional teacher recruitment agencies, they are numerous, so beware of scams. Alternatively, you can contact potential employers directly and email your resume and cover letter to international or local companies, schools and universities in Beijing.

Job boards Beijing

You will find a lot of joboard for Shangshai jobs. More jobs on HiredChina.com. Foreigner Jobs in Beijing, Beijing. AIKA (China) Boxing/Muay Thai Coach. Beijing. AIKA CrossFit. CrossFit Coach. Beijing. Amazon. Program Manager, Global Accounts. Beijing. TopTutorJob.cn. Foreign English Teacher. Beijing. Fragomen Worldwide. Assistant Consultant. Beijing. S&P Global. English Editor. Beijing. Refinitiv. ...

In addition to English teaching, there are also positions in international schools in different disciplines. There are positions from entry level to advanced level (principals).

Jobs in china

More and more foreign talents are up for the jobs in China. Find jobs in China and apply for employment opportunities across a variety of industries.  On our curated jobs board services both employers and employment seekers. POST A JOB .... You Can Now Register With The Police Online: Here's How To Do It.

HiredChina offers newer opportunities for expats who want to work in Beijing...Our years of experience give us the advantage to find the best position, there are engineers, foreign sales, foreign actors, foreign designers, foreign teachers position.

Echina careers

The Echina careers offers the latest job opportunities for expatriates looking to work in China.  part-time jobs and  Full-time include teaching abroad and teaching.

If you go to Echina careers you will find a lot of outdated job info because they are in bad situation. Rosy is from China, it’s her first trip come to Beijing. When she finished our treatment, she told me, BeautyUP SZOSC will be one of her best memory in Beijing. Her next stop is Shenzhen, We helped her to search our Guangzhou BU stores, hope our BU can accompany her whole vocation.