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China has become one of the most popular work abroad destinations. “Jobs in China” already gets to the top of Google search with millions of expats/foreigners try to search for job chances in this mysterious and attractive country.

Basic Requirements to Work in China

If you are considering working in China, the first thing you need to do is checking the basic requirements for foreign talents to work in China legally. These requirements are:

1、Bachelor Degree or above

2、2 Years of Working Experience

3、Clean Criminal Background Check

4、Medical Check

5、Age limit: Under 55 (women) or 60 (men) years old (this is as same as the Chinese retirement age)

As you can see, China does not have tight regulations to limit the foreign talents, which also shows that China welcome global talents to diversify the Chinese talent pool and boost China’s economy. So if you already meet the basic requirements mentioned above, welcome to seek job in China.

China’s large job market

China, as the second largest economy in the world, owns a large and good job market which is also the reason why millions of expats relocate jobs in China. Language barrier may be a big concern for expats who are thinking about moving to China or not. However language is not more a big problem for expats seeking job in China as different kinds of job vacancies have open to expats and do not require for knowing Chinese. So now you can hear more sayings like foreigners who do not know Chinese can also work in China.

While there is also another misunderstanding for Chinese job that expats can only find teaching jobs in China. This thought is definitely out of date. Once you use keywords “Jobs in China” to search in Google, lots of non-teaching jobs vacancies will show out on your screen. Marketing, sales, editor and translator and so on are available in your career choices.

Ways to find out job info in China

Many expats complain that they do not know anyone in China so how they can get contact with Hr and hiring companies. Here this article will show you some ways to search for job info in China.

1. Facebook. Lots of Chinese hiring staffs will choose to post their hiring information in some work groups in facebook. So using key words like “jobs in China”, “China jobs” to search in facebook, you can find lots of job groups. The next step is joining in work groups and checks all new hiring info in these groups. Once you see the suitable job info, contact poster or click some apply link in that post. Last you also should be cautious to check the authenticity of this job info to avoid some scammers.

2. LinkedIn. Yes of course this is also useful platform for you to seek for job opportunity in China. Finding some hiring Chinese companies in LinkedIn and contact hr; searching for and join in some job groups in LinkedIn are all useful methods to seek job chances in China.

3. Job website. As for foreigners, finding a job website in English version will be more convenient for you read hiring info. Actually after you search key words ““jobs in China”, you can find a large number of job website are waving their arms to you.

Last in a word, if you are qualified and have made up your mind to find jobs in China, try the methods mentioned above to relocate your job in China.